12 Lessons In 12 Months Part 2

Sorry, I’m not done yet; I only got through 6 months of the year in my previous instalment of this mini-series, as it was rather long. So here are the other 6 life changing (slightly dramatic, Han) lessons I’ve learned this year.

July – Do What You Love

Never, ever, ever, sacrifice doing what you love for other people. I went through a phase at the start of the year where I stopped blogging, purely because I was scared about what other people would think of me. Come July I was sick of hiding it, and thought fuck it. I love writing, even if it is a bit shit (sometimes). So why should what other people think stop me, truth be told, it shouldn’t.

August – Be Selfish

I think a lot of us, myself included, forget that occasionally you have to be a bit selfish. I’ve spent pretty much all of my 19 years of living so far forever putting other people before myself. I effectively care about making sure other people are okay and happy before myself. Which, while as much as I think it’s a great personality trait for me to have, I need to realise that my happiness should be number one priority. If it means putting myself before others, and being selfish, so be it.

September – Time Is A Healer

A classic saying. September saw the bridge building between me and someone who I had pretty much wrote off building bridges with. I will never hold grudges, I don’t have the energy to do that. However, when people do me wrong, I make it known. But time heals almost anything. Forgive and forget, like I said in the previous instalment of this post, life is so incredibly short, it really isn’t worth hating people and holding grudges.

October – Be Open With People

I hate confessing my feelings to other people, it’s probably the prime reason relationships never really work in my favour. Admitting how you feel can be daunting af, but you’ll always feel better for getting it all out in the open. Freely talk about how you feel for other people, express your emotions, because keeping it bottled up really doesn’t do many favours for anyone and it often results in me pushing people away.

November – Things Will Fall Into Place

I am, and always have been a massive believer of fate. Everything happens for a reason. Things will work out as they should do. I believe people come into and go out of your life for a reason, the universe planned that to happen and there’s reasoning behind it. Let it happen. Don’t question why people left, or why they entered, it’s all meant to happen. Not only this, but having this out look massively helps with my anxiety. I’m a bit of a control freak; planning situations, conversations, just life, down to a T. Which is a virtually impossible task, you can’t plan your life. If your meeting doesn’t go as planned, it’s cool, chill out, it’s meant to be that way.

December – Expect The Unexpected

I’m going to be secretive and mysterious, for the first time in my life (don’t get used to it) and I’m not going to expand on that one…but just, expect the unexpected.

I’ve really loved reflecting through this year. I probably definitely sound like a broken record by this point, but I am a completely different person at the end of this year to what I was at the start. My confidence has blossomed, I’m happier and most importantly, for the first time ever, I’m not letting my mental health control my life. I’ve taken charge and I’m enjoying life. And having a fucking good time.

I hope 2018 has seen you all develop and change into better versions of yourself; whats been the biggest lesson that has come out of 2018 for you?!

All my love,

Han xx

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