Christmas Gift Guide For Him 2018

I’m sure I speak for 90% of the female population when I say that men are the hardest to buy for. Despite them saying otherwise, I beg to differ – they don’t tend to give much thought into what they want, with not much idea what they would actually like. However, they never hold back when it comes to letting you know if you’ve done well or not! Trying to find a thoughtful and considered gift, that will go down well can be a challenge. I luckily (or unluckily) don’t have another half to shop for, although every year I still struggle to buy gifts for the other men in my life, like my Dad and Brothers. If you’re going through the dreaded struggle, don’t worry, I’ve got you’re back – or at least I’ve tried (key word) to help out!


You can’t go wrong with a good aftershave set. In fact even us ladies love a good perfume set on Christmas Day, luckily men do too – it’s a no brainer. There are about a million and one different fragrance sets, particularly throughout the festive season but 2 of my favourites are the Paco Rabanne 1 Million Gift Set and also the Giorgio Armani Travel Spray Mens Aftershave Gift Set.  Both very recognisable scents and gifts that I’m sure will go down a treat!


I know so many men that just carry their cards in their back pocket whenever they go out, how they do that and don’t lose it I don’t know. If I take my card out of my purse theres a good 90% chance I’m not seeing it again. There’s a wide range of different wallets out there, much like purses (I cant be the only one that spends hours choosing a new purse). This Ted Baker one is the perfect sleek leather wallet, with quirky detailing, and a minimalist look.


I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve bought pyjamas for my Dad before, it’s a nice easy and safe gift that I know he’ll like and will get used. Both John Lewis and Next are great got having a selection of different styles to chose from – comical and sensible!


I thought I would finish this post of with a couple of slightly more pricier gifts. With the first one being a nice watch – much like the wallets, there is such a wide range of different styles to chose from that you really will be spoilt for choice. I would always reach for the more minimalist watches over the more bling ones – however John Lewis (again) has something to suit taste of the man in your life!


A very broad one, but for the tech savvy men, this is a nice easy one. Whether it be a new set of Beats headphones or new computer gadget.  There are always so many deals on for the more technical gifts as well, which saves you a bit of money!

I love Christmas shopping and putting thought into gifts that I know people will love too! A note to all men though, please start to be slightly more specific with what you would like. Your sincerely, all women, everywhere!

What is your go to gift for men?

All my love,

Han x


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