ASOS Must Have Accessories For The Party Season

Accessories are the part of the outfit that can really make or break a look. The right additions can perfectly complement any part of the outfit, pulling the whole look together. If you’re shy of statement, you can pull it back with simple accessories, however, if you’re willing to make a statement, go bold. With the party season being well a truly under way, I’ve scoured the ASOS accessories page and complied a list of all my must haves for this season. From belts, to shoes, these select accessories are ones you are not going to want to miss this Christmas – they are guaranteed to give any outfit that little boost it may be in need of.

1. Belts

Granted, belts have the ability to transform a simple pair of jeans throughout any time of the year, however instead of adding them to jeans this festive season why not add them to a shirt dress, clinching the dress in at the waist and adding a much more feminine look. I’ve been obsessed with the Gucci belts (you know the ones), but there’s no way you would ever catch me spending that amount of money on a belt. Pretty much every high street store currently has your back though with an endless supply of dupes. ASOS have a bit more of a glitzy one to add that extra sparkle to your festive outfit choices.

(Double Circle Belt)

(Red Valentino Belt)

(Silver Detail Double Circle Belt)

2. Bags

A woman can never have too many bags. They have they ability to take any outfit to new heights, whether it be a compact clutch or a stylish mini backpack, they lend themselves well, not only for convenience, but lets face it, bags are never going to go out of trends, so you can’t really go wrong! If again you don’t have the budget to invest in a high end designer hand bag this year, there are so many other options. I was particularly interested in this ASOS Gold Cage Bag, I’ve never really seen anything like it before, but it is a beg that will definitely have people talking.

(Gold Cage Clutch Bag)

(Embellished Box Bag)

(Glitter Contrast Clutch)

(90’s Fringe Bag)

3. Jewellery 

From necklaces to earrings, jewellery is an essential in my eyes for any outfit. They are perfect for any occasion, this year has seen the return of some major statement tassel earrings, so you will have no problem seeking out a pair that suits your taste. However, if tassels aren’t you’re thing, theres always an array of elegant studs, to add some class to an outfit, it’s a effortless touch.

(Disco Ball Earrings)

(Diamante Chocker) 

4. Shoes 

Much like bags, you can never have too many shoes, am I right ladies. Whether it be a quality pair of flats, or a pair of eye-catching stilettos, you’ll be spoilt for choice this party season. Shoes are an accessory, that in themselves can be dressed up or down, depending on the event in hand. If opting for flats, remember they don’t have to be boring, add a bit of sparkle, and instantly our outfit is work Christmas party ready. If you’re slightly braver (or can walk in heels(I can’t)), then again the selection this season is never ending. I love this simple pair of nude heels with the diamond straps, adding a touch of elegance, but a garment that isn’t too in your face, nor would it distract from your showstopper of a party outfit!

(Nude Diamante Heels)

I always used to over look accessories, that was until I started to put more thought into my outfit. I quickly came to the realisation, they are an essential in completing an outfit!

What is your go to accessory?!

All my love,

Han xx

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