Getting Out A Blogging Rut

Anyone who has been writing a blog for an extended period of time will eventually hit a bit of a wall with writing, it’s one of those inevitable things. I’ve had my fair share of writers block when it comes to blogging, which also means I have a few tips and tricks on getting out of these ruts. Working to create a constant flow of content that is of interest to your readers, as much as it is great fun, it can also be overwhelming when ideas start to dry up! No need to panic though, every blogger has probably experienced this, and if you haven’t, leave, we’re all envious of you.


At the start of the year, I had no new ideas for my blog, I kind of fell out of love with it, leading me to not actually want to write, which was very foreign to me. After taking some time away from social media and the blogging community, I slowly got my mojo back. I suppose that would be my first tip if you’re losing inspiration when it comes to blogging – take a break. This is easier said than done particularly if your blog is your main source of income. But if you can, take a step back, have a week or so away from all things blogging, because it can get exhausting, sometimes all you need is a bit of time away from the community!

Try something new! This one really helped me out of my rut. Last year my blog was very lifestyle orientated; as much as I loved writing those posts, it wasn’t the direction I wanted my blog to be going in. I’m a fashion student, so obviously clothes and styling is the thing that I’m most passionate about, so I started to change my blog to reflect this. Writing much more fashion orientated posts, and you know what, not only do I enjoy it more, but I get so much more engagement on my posts now I’m writing about something that is of true interest to me!

That leads nicely onto my next point, write about what you enjoy. I think you can always tell when someone is writing about something that they aren’t really too interested in. Take my old posts for example, I look back at my writing style from even just 3 months ago, and compare it to now – it has grown and developed so much just through writing about something I enjoy!

Give your blog a little revamp! Whether that be changing up your theme, writing style, or even something just as minimal as updating your photos or headers. When you blog a few times a week, you’re going to constantly be staring at the same theme, the same layout and it can get slightly repetitive. I know that for me, if I’m lacking blogging motivation, giving my blog a little shift around will always prompt me to write – I want to show off my new snazzy layout to you all, so why wouldn’t I want to write?!

Mind Maps are your saviour. I’m a lover of mind maps at the best of times anyway, particularly being a creative student, mind maps are perfect for fuelling new concept ideas – apply this concept to blogging, and you get the same results. Once you get one idea down, thats it, you can’t stop!

Take a look at the blogs your subscribed to, and see what they have been writing about recently. I always find that reading other peoples posts will encourage me to write – do a bit of research as to which posts are going down well at that particular time and draw inspiration from this.

Lastly, talk to the blogging community. The blogging community, however bitchy it may be at times, it is also a really lovely safe place. There will always be people there for you to talk to about your blog, blogging ideas and this is a sure fire way to generate new content. Blog pods are always great for this too, this will allow you to catch up on posts from your blogging friends, leading you to chat to them about new ideas!

Blogging is hard at the best of times, and I think we all now how disheartening it can be when we’ve come to a complete standstill with ideas – particularly when all we want to do is write and we can’t! I hope this post has been of some use, I think as much as I’ve written it for other people,  it’s definitely be something I’ll be referring to in the future when the inevitable blogging rut rears its head again!

What are your top tips for getting out from a blogging rut?

All my love,

Han xx

29 thoughts on “Getting Out A Blogging Rut

  1. I’ve never thought of doing a mind map for my blog before even though I used to do them all the time at school! There’s some really great ideas here, thankyou so much for sharing! I’m really struggling with content at the minute so this has helped tonnes!

    Jess //

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  2. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about having a blogging revamp. That’s the great thing about blogging though isn’t it? You can make tweaks and your blog just grows and evolves with you and becomes part of your story. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject x

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  3. Thank you for sharing. I fall into ruts but it’s not that I struggle to blog but that I might not feel like reading and I run a book blog, so it’s basically all a mess. Thank you for sharing. The blogging community is a great one.

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  4. That’s great! I never thought that I would get into my niche but it was a lovely surprise for me. I love blogging but sometimes your brains goes into overload. I hate when that happens but it tells me I need a break. Great post! Relatable!

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  5. A mind map is such a good idea, I’m definitely going to use that one myself.. 🙊 Blogging is definitely difficult, and it’s important to remember that taking time out can also help to get your juices flowing again, and that no one is forcing you to write – do it because you love it ✨

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