A Shy Girls Guide To Bold Fashion

As my fashion taste has grown and developed, my love for statement items has grown tremendously. The girl who once would stick to jeans and a top, now reaches for garishly bright jackets and statement boots. Whether it be a very in your face print or the newest pair of embroidered boots; I’m all over eye catching fashion items. However, I have had my fair share of fashion flops, particularly when it comes to styling garments that could be considered a bit in your face. So I thought I would share my top tips on styling these not so conventional items!


T-Shirts Are A Staple 

T-shirts tend to be a staple at the best of times anyway, but particularly when it comes to styling bold trousers I always find that plain t-shirts are the way to go. They let the trousers do the talking, and by having a very plain top, this will broaden your jacket choices, more so than if you were to reach for a printed or bold top. Something that always needs to be considered when living in the UK.

Style With Black and White

I think this is a very basic one, but black and white is always the easiest way to go when styling bold jackets and shoes. One of my go to outfits at the moment consists of a lime green suede biker jacket, whenever I wear it I always stick to a basic black and white base outfit. Normally black jeans, white top and black boots.

Pull Out Other Hues to Feature 

This one is great for if you’ve gone for a very bold and out there printed garment. These will normally consist of bright colours, take printed shirt for example, pick out a colour/hue from the shirt and reflect this throughout your outfit. Whether it be through shoes or accessories, this is always a brilliant way to feature eccentric prints and make them work.

Stick To Simple Silhouettes 

When it comes to colourful prints of statement items, most of the time you will want that one garment to do the talking, you won’t want to distract from it too much. So go for items that have a simple silhouette, a basic fit, so that the centre of attention is still on your statement item and not elsewhere.


Denim Denim & More Denim 

Denim is one of those fabrics that can always be used to tone down an outfit, to make an outfit look slightly more casual. This is perfect if you want to wear bold prints on a day to day basis. I know full well I always overdress for any occasion ever, but chuck on a denim jacket or pair of jeans and your good to go.


Much like the denim tip, trainers can always be used to dress down a bold outfit. I know that I always reach for my Vans or Converse when I need to make an outfit look more casual – or when styling bold printed shirts.

Remind Yourself of The Colour Wheel 

Lets go back to year 5 art classes. If you’ve got a very colourful item, look at the colour wheel and see what colours will complement it, then start to consider this when to picking your accessories. You want to go for colours that will complement the choice that you’ve gone for. Equally, if you’re feeling particularly ballsy, go for completely clashing accessories!

Don’t Hold Back

So I’ve spoken about styling statement items in a more casual way, but if you’re slightly more confident in your fashion choices, go all out. Like full out. Whether it be your whole outfit is in one particular colour, or you choose clashing colours, theres no doubt you will look very cool if you can pull this one off! Personally, I don’t think I would have the confidence to do this, however much I would want to!


This post was inspired by my recent purchase of these gorgeous red boots. Yes, yes I did purchase another pair of boots. My collection is now spilling out of my wardrobe, its a problem. Anyway, I digress. The boots are bright red, incase your hadn’t realised. I’ve gone very simple with my styling here – I’ve gone for the whole black and white tip. Black skinny jeans and then a white flared jumper (which I’ve also been wearing far too much lately). Sticking to a basic outfit, to allow the boots do the talking. I actually have a red bag, which perfectly matches these boots, however silly me left it at university – so just imagine I’ve put a bit more thought into my accessories!

What are your styling tips for bold items?

All my love,

Han x

12 thoughts on “A Shy Girls Guide To Bold Fashion

  1. Loving the tips! I’m always playing on a safe part when it comes to fashion as I feel extremely self-conscious and shy about that. I do want to implement more colour into my wardrobe, though. Thanks for the post! x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

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  2. This is such good advice! especially when you’re feeling a bit nervous about stepping out of your comfort zone for the first time. I 100% agree that T-shirts are a staple. such a go-to item. Also LOVE the idea of going back to your childhood memories of the colour weel, one tip I will 100% be taking with me.

    Great post
    Much love

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  3. Id love to see more of your looks. Ive seen a ton of fashion blogs as most of my friends do it, it seems, but your tips are beautifully stated. It’s like you’re not forgetting that you’re talking to someone who may be new to the bold game, which is nice.

    Liked by 1 person

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