6 City Breaks on my Bucket List

It’t been a very long while since I have done any sort of travel post, mainly because the most exotic place I have travelled to since being back at university is the cultural quarter in town.

With my second year of university being in full swing (I mean drowning in work, wanting to cry but not even having time for that), it’s got me thinking how I would really like to do a bit of travelling after all this hard work, whether it would be in the summer of next year or after I’ve completed my degree. Slightly optimistic that, seeing as come 2020 when I’m freshly graduated, I’ll be in approximately £45,000 of debt, but lets not think about that…

I’ve always loved being in the city, which is odd considering I’ve been bought up in seaside towns, but I’ve always felt more at home in cities, I think it’s the busyness of them, how there’s always something to do – you can never get bored. I’ve complied a list of European cities that I’d love to travel to over the next few years; travelling buddies welcome, as of course I’ll need assistance with blog photos…

We’ll start with Amsterdam, I feel like this is the most typical European city that most youngsters visit. Where as a fair few of people that I know have gone to legally smoke the green stuff (Why pay to go to Amsterdam to do it when they do it at the local skate park every night anyway??? Logic). Anyway, ever since watching The Fault In Our Stars a few years ago – a film I’m still not emotionally recovered from, I’ve always wanted to visit. Also, apparently the cafes in Amsterdam have some of the best foods, whats not to like!


Another very typical European city on my bucket list, Paris. I’ve been to France before, but I’ve never had the chance to visit Paris itself, I would say that this is at the top of my bucket list, it looks like such a beautiful place – need I add that the Parisians fashion is one that I’ve always been inspired by! I’ve also always wanted to go up the Eiffel Tower, imagine the views!


Barcelona, this is where you’ll notice my Geography is kind of  very shocking, because I won’t lie, I’m not entirely sure where Barcelona is, I mean I think it’s in Spain? But I could be wrong. Either way, my friend visited here a few months ago, and the pictures that she got were so amazing, it looks like such a vibrant city!


I’m not sure if Santorini is classed as a city, so apologies if it isn’t actually a city. I think Santorini is the most blogger-esc place on my bucket list, all white everything, stunning blue sea, IMAGINE THE INSTAGRAM PHOTOS! I’ve watched so many amazing travel vlogs of Santorini and each one makes me want to visit it even more!


Berlin has been somewhere that I’ve actually had the opportunity to go and visit a few times, and I’m now kicking myself as I never did take the opportunity! As far as I am aware, Berlin is full of interesting history and museums, I think it would be one of the more eye opening trips.


I’ll save the best until last, Venice. I have always wanted to visit Venice, and I mean always. It looks like such a stunning place and I honestly don’t think I would ever get bored of it. It would be my dream to sail down the river in a Gondola (You know those boat type things, I think that’s what they’re called??). Italy as a whole is a country that has always been on my bucket list anyway, mainly because of the pizza and pasta I would experience while out there (I’m a self confessed pizza whore), also the culture of course, but mainly the food, shock.


Traveling has been something that I have wanted to do for a while now, but finding the money and time is particularly hard, I’m hoping that in the future I can gradually start to cross these places of my list!

What cities are on your travel bucket list?

All my love,

Han xx

12 thoughts on “6 City Breaks on my Bucket List

  1. I’ve been to Amsterdam, Paris, Venice and Berlin and Berlin was absolutely my favorite, closely followed by Paris. My boyfriend is Spanish (from Madrid) and we’d both really like to go to Barcelona together someday, it would be good to have a fluent Spanish speaker with me!

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com


  2. These are some great cities to visit, I would love to go to Paris, Berlin and Barcelona too! I’ve been to Amsterdam before and it’s such a pretty place so I would totally recommend that! Just be careful of the bikes, when you first get there you don’t concentrate too much on the bike lanes and then you’ve nearly been hit by 20 bikes and you learn to watch out haha!

    Chloe xx


  3. I am so fortunate to have been able to go to 5 out of the 6 places on your list – just Santorini to go! Every year, my best friend and I go for a week-long holiday which is how I have managed to cross off many of the items off your list. I would recommend Barcelona and Amsterdam the most – both are fairly affordable in terms of accommodation and food and there is lot to see and do. My best advice would be to put aside a certain amount of money a week into a bank account for travelling – that way it adds up fairly quickly and you are not tempted to spend it. xx

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