How I’m Styling Mom Jeans

Am I cool enough to pull of Mom jeans? Probably not.

Am I going to do it anyway? You’re spot on, I am. 

Now I may be very late indeed to this party, but I’ve finally got my hands on a pair of Mom jeans – something I’ve never had the confidence to wear – apparently I’ll happily leave the house in bright red trousers, but Mom jeans are a different story all together!

I have seen so many people rave about Mom jeans, I’ve read a lot of the whole ‘once you’ve tried Mom jeans theres no going back to skinny jeans’ and you know what, I think I’m converted! No more uncomfortable wedgies, no more feeling like I’m being sucked in so much I can’t breath and you know what my favourite thing about these are, I can wear actual knickers (not the skimpy uncomfortable ones that go right up) and no one knows!! VPL’s are a thing of the past! I’m not sure if thats too much information, but then again, who wouldn’t be excited about that.


I’ve been making a conscious effort recently to dress more to how I want to dress and not hold back. All my life I’ve been worried about what others might think about my fashion choices, that I’ll get odd looks for wearing double denim and docs, or wearing pinstripe trousers, but in all honesty, I love it, so why should I care, right?! Watch me say this, then go back to wearing skinny jeans and biker jackets next week…I tried..

So I had been on the hunt for a pair of Mom jeans for the longest time now, and I mean the longest time. I’d seen so many of my blogger friends wear them and look incredible, and I thought you know what, lets give them a go…reckless, I know. I had a wander round town and couldn’t find any I liked in stores, so hopped straight onto Missguided, long and behold they had the Mom jeans of my dreams! (I hope you’re just as satisfied as I am that that rhymed). I had been after a pair that were slightly distressed, I’ll emphasise the word slightly because the jeans that I have gone fore a very distressed (like me really). I mean one wrong move when putting them on in a dazed state in the morning and I’ll probably end up with a pair of shorts.


Anyway, when they first arrived, I tried them on when I was pale, make up less and in need of washing my hair, it had got to the point where even French braids could hide the grease – a rocky mistake. So of course, at first I hated them, but long and behold, an evening of pampering that included, tanning, face masks, exfoliating and a good hair wash, I woke up feeling like a new woman and I feel in love with these jeans. I will probably be wearing these with every outfit for the foreseeable future, and I’m not mad about that at all.

Going onto styling these jeans, I think they are so versatile, lending themselves to be paired with anything. Oversized tops, body suits, jumpers, heels, docs, you name it, I’m probably going to pair it with them. The outfit that I have opted for in this particular shoot, is just a plain nude, front twist jumper from Femme Luxe, and a pair of taupe suede boots from New Look. A super casual, yet stylish, very blogger-esc outfit. I cant wait to experiment with different styling ideas with my new favourite jeans! I actually have a few gigs coming up, I think these jeans will look super cool with a band tee and a pair of docs!


What’s your favourite way to style Mom jeans?

All my love,

Han xx

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27 thoughts on “How I’m Styling Mom Jeans

  1. I adore your style, and you make me want to dress up more how I want than how I should also!! I bought a pair of white mom jeans a few months ago, and have since been obsessed! You can dress them up or down, I love it so much! I’m in desperate need of a pair of white- washed denim, similar to those, think I’ll have a look at Missguided now!!

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this! I’m still on the hunt for a good pair of Mom jeans. I’m planning on doing a lot of shopping this next month so hopefully I can find some then. I really like the way you’ve styled them in this post!

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    1. Glad you enjoyed reading this! I think Mom jeans can be so hit or miss and it can be so hard finding a pair that really suits you – hopefully you’ll find a pair on your shopping spree! x


  3. You look absolutely STUNNING! Seriously, you’re rocking them!
    Isn’t it strange how much difference it makes trying on new clothes with make up on though?! I always leave it until I’ve done my hair and make up because otherwise I know I’ll probably hate whatever it is, no matter what! Haha! Anyway, I’m glad it’s not just me who does this!

    Rhianna x

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  4. I have never owned a pair of mom jeans but these look so good, I might invest! I have a pair of ripped jeans that I have had to sew back up because I accidentally put my entire leg through the rip and ripped them more.. oops.

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