Practicing Self Care

Sort of… 

As you can guess, this post is about to be me banging on about self care, but I felt obliged to say ‘sort of’ because in all honestly I get so caught up in life, most the time I’m pretty very crap at practicing self care.

As I’m writing this, World Mental Health Day 2018 has just been and gone. Controversial opinion, but I think this is a load of rubbish. Mental health is something that should be addressed every day of the year. However, it’s always amusing to sit back and watch people who would never even dream about addressing mental health, all of a sudden become experts in the matter.

Anyway, I digress. 

What I wanted to write about is how basically mental health and self care go hand in hand together. The more you look after yourself and wellbeing, the better your mental health (pretty much just common sense, I’m sure). But like I mention previously, so many of us get so caught up in general life stuff that we forget to take time for ourselves – I’m particularly guilty of this. I spend every waking hour working; whether that be university related, blog related, YouTube related, whatever it is, I never take time for myself.

However on the rare occurrence that I do chuck a face mask on, put on some crappy comedy (probably Friends, shock) and take out some time for me, I really do notice the positive effect it has on me mentally. Self care doesn’t have to be hard, sometimes it isn’t running a hot bath and pampering yourself. Sometimes it just taking the time to make a good dinner and get an early night. I thought I’d share my top self care habits (mainly for me to look back on and put into practice when I’m tearing my hair out due to stress and my anxiety is sky high), but also for those who forget how easy (yet important it is)


Don’t worry, I’m not about to tell you to wake up at 5:30am and go for a 10k (however that is my version of self care when it comes to exercise). I mean just get up and get active. Intelligent Han is about to come out here (don’t get used to it), but exercise releases ‘happy endorphins‘, the same chemicals in some anti-depressants, so there’s a direct corraletion between exercise and happiness levels. Even if you just get up and walk around for 10 minutes while on your break, you’ll feel better for it.

Get Up, Get Dressed 

Admittedly when I used to have particularly bad days (ya know, the ones where I didn’t want to leave my bed, spend the whole day sobbing? Those ones) I would stay in my jim jams, no make up, basically look like a homeless person on drugs, it wasn’t a pretty sight. But as soon as I started forcing myself to get out of bed, take a shower, put some actual clothes on (I don’t care how comfy your tracks are) and make an effort with my appearance I always felt so much better for it.

Eat Well 

Eating well is something that I have only just mastered, yes, yes it has taken me 19 years to master this. But eating well, for me is a form of self care. Getting in all of my fruit and veggies, and not starving myself is a big thing for me. For someone who restricted for so long, I’m definitely making up for it now, give me all the carbs!!!

Make Time For YOU

Admittedly, I feel like a wee bit of a hypocrite writing this because I some how never find the time for this. But I cannot preach enough about how important it is to take time for yourself. Take yourself away from work, your blog, your social medias. Run a bath, put a facemask on and read a book. Take time to relax and destress. You cannot get through life without having you time, you’ll burn yourself out. Shock, I’m known for doing this – I need a reminder set to chill out sometimes.

Get Fresh Air 

Living with anxiety, means somedays I’d rather just sit in my flat all day, not face leaving or seeing anyone. But every time I feel this way, I challenge myself. Force myself to go out, get a few lungfuls of fresh air. Even if it’s just a 5 minute blast, its better than sitting cooped up in the same little room all day.

I swear by all of these little self care tips when it comes to looking after my mental well-being. To be completely honest, I’ve been doing great recently – I don’t want to jinx it though. However great I’m doing though, I still know how important it is to continue to take care of myself.

What are your self care tips?

All my love,

Han xx

10 thoughts on “Practicing Self Care

  1. Some lovely tips here! I agree that Mental Health shouldn’t be spoken about one day a year, it should be something we focus on all year around. I definitely need to make time for more self care. Getting up and getting dress, there’s just something about it. I swear I always feel good and especially with a shower. I hope you inspire and help people with your tips! It’s always hard until you know how.

    Gemma |

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  2. Getting fresh air is definitely a must. I always have been struggling with this but lately I have decided to join my boyfriend to go trailing using our mountain bikes and it was one of the most relaxing thing I ever have done. Inhaling that fresh air is just so relaxing and enjoying the view helps you calm your mind.

    Kaye –

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