London Fashion Week – September 2018

London Fashion week, the week where you can literally get away with anything (fashion related of course). This post is, admittedly, slightly late – but better late than never, right! I tend to keep up with London Fashion week on their website; I’ve never actually been lucky enough to go down there, one day though, one day (I keep telling myself that one day I’ll actually showcase there, but thats a long shot, a girl can dream though). So seeing as I have spent a lot of time drooling over some incredible pieces throughout the iconic event, here are some of my top pics/designers!

Matty Bovan

Bovan graduated from St Martins (any art hoes like myself will know how dreamy this uni is, for any creative) – with a degree in Fashion Knitwear, so of course I was instantly drawn to his very textural approach. His work incorporates a lot of raw edges, woven/knit panels that meet at interesting angles adding a symmetrical-esc structure to his work. With no set colour theme, Bovans’ work really stood out to me, I’m a sucker for anything slightly garish and out there, so this was right up my street. Also, lets just take a moment to appreciate the head pieces, they’re incredible!


Julien Macdonald 

Macdonald is a Brighton University graduate student – giving us Southerners an impressive name, he also graduated in Fashion Knitwear…you’ll see a theme here. I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to anything remotely sparkly, so of course loved seeing Macdonalds’ collection come down the runway. His use of interesting shapes, and wrap techniques that run throughout his designs really tie the whole collection together. A broad colour palette is used throughout Macdonalds design going from silver sparkles, to bright, bold very in your face block colour, right through to subtle animal print (I couldn’t resist, I’m sorry). I’m also a massive fan of his use of the laddering effect throughout his collection, this is one of my favourite knitwear techniques, one thats not too tricky, but incredible effective when done right.


When I came across Halperns’ work I was absolutely in awe. I’m a lover of 60’s silhouettes/shapes and patterns – when looking through Halperns’ work, I was instantly reminded of those 60’s shapes that always draw me in. His collection is in a very Mondrian style, block shapes, use of block colours – which is then also reflected in his garments shapes. The use of shiny surfaces merged in with the matte surfaces is also particularly interesting and has been done in a way that makes neither surface take the stage but in a way where they both work together to create and entire look.

Sadie Williams

Williams collection first caught my eye with her use of bold woven materials, merged with raw edges, creating a very textural collection. With interesting androgynous silhouettes, that sort of hang from the body, but in a way that doesn’t make the garments lose their shape. Again, Sadie has used a range of mattes mixed with shiny surfaces – the shinier surfaces I think work really well with her contemporary print choices.


I was surprised when I actually found myself being really drawn to Delpozos’ collection – if you look through the other designers that caught my eye, you’ll notice that I often gravitate towards very bold pieces, and well, this collection is completely opposite in terms of colour. But his use of bold, voluminous silhouette is what drew me in. His use of subtle colour, combined with the bold ruffles creates a very classy look, that I don’t think would have the same effect had the colours been of a more bold choice. The delicate embroidery is also an element that I love – I’ve never really got along with embroidery/MMT at university, so seeing his use of the technique is really inspiring.


Zandra Rhodes 

I left the work of Rhodes until the end because she is one of my favourite designers. I wan introduced to her work whilst at college, when I was adamant that I wanted to go into print design – what Rhodes is renowned for. Although my interests have slightly diverted, I still appreciate a good print designer. Not only is her use of print incredible (honestly wish I had her talent) but her use of feminine shapes also adds to the appeal of her garments – normally highlighting the waist or collar bones. Annddd of course, bold colours, my weakness, need I say no more.

Like I say, one day I’ll get down to London Fashion Week and if miraculously I get recognised for my deign work, maybe that’ll be me one day! I should probably just stick to getting my degree for the time being!

What’s your favourite pick from LFW?

All my love,

Han x


8 thoughts on “London Fashion Week – September 2018

  1. So many colours and designs. These are all beautiful and I really like how you’ve written about each designer and what you like about their work. It’s really interesting. I am sure you’ll be one of those designers one day who get recognised for all your hard work. I hope it all works out for you. Sending you all the luck 😊

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