Leopard Print & October Goals

I’m very happy to say that my most recent fashion post (which you can find here) went down an absolute treat, and I’m so glad you all enjoyed it! I think it was the little boost that I needed to really kickstart writing what I’m really passionate about! That being said, todays post is dedicated to all things animal print; particularly leopard, it’s been everywhere recently, and also a little bit about what I hope to achieve throughout October!

As I’ve mentioned before, I really wasn’t feeling the leopard print trend when it first took the high streets by storm, but after having it forced in my face for the past 6 months, long and behold it’s really started to grow on me. I think I was afraid of over stepping that line with the whole animal print trend. It’s a very thin line between it looking classy, then over stepping the mark and it looking tacky – think Kat Slater from Eastenders.

After having a good old browse around the shops at all the animal print available, I’ve added a few pieces to my wardrobe over the past few weeks. I’ll start with the most dreamy shirt from Pretty Little Thing, which should I add, has quickly become my favourite shirt ever! I’m a sucker for a good patterned shirt, I like to overstep the mark when it comes to garish prints, so this shirt was screaming my name when I came across it. It’s made from a lovely silk material – now when it comes to Pretty Little Thing, I always think it’s hit and miss with quality, but this shirt is a definite hit. Not only does it feel expensive, it looks it also. I wore it out for a meal last week, and almost every one complemented me on it. I should add that it was a meal with my flat mates who I had just met, it was at this moment they all realised how extra I am when it comes to fashion…best they find out now I guess! I got the whole, you know we’re only going for dinner right?? In which I replied, I know, but lets be honest life’s too short to dress basic! I paired it with a simple pair of black skinny jeans, grey biker jacket and black heeled boots – perfect smart casual type outfit!

2018-09-18 16:38:14.991

I had had my eye on animal print skirts for a while now as well, but being very picky and a broke student, I wanted to make sure I found the perfect one before making the investment in one! There were a few in Topshop that had really caught my eye recently, my top 2 being a snake skin print and then of course the leopard print one. Unfortunately when it came to me finally buying one they didn’t have the snakeskin in a small enough size, but long and behold, they had the leopard print one in my size, and in petite!!! It was meant to be!!! Also, this skirt is the most perfect fitting skirt I’ve ever bought, it fits my bum, waist and isn’t stupidly short – I never thought the day would come when I found a skirt like this! Anyway, I recently wore the skirt on a night out, paring it with a long-sleeved black bodysuit, and a pair of knee highs (of course, I had to be extra while everyone else was in converse) – again I got so many complements on it!

I’ve had to restrain myself to buying one of everything in animal print lately, but that doesn’t mean I’ve done a bit of online browsing! I’ve linked some of my favourite animal print garments below, a few of which I’m sure I will treat myself to once I’ve been paid!

Leopard Trousers: https://www.riverisland.com/p/brown-leopard-print-belted-ponte-trousers-722843

Leopard Jacket: https://www.riverisland.com/p/brown-leopard-print-double-breasted-jacket-722383

Leopard Boots: https://www.riverisland.com/p/brown-wide-fit-leopard-print-ankle-boots-722326

Leopard Dress: https://www.missselfridge.com/en/msuk/product/petite-animal-print-pinafore-dress-7817466?Ntt=leopard%20print

Leopard Bag: https://www.newlook.com/uk/womens/accessories/bags/brown-leopard-print-suedette-ring-handle-bag/p/591269929?comp=Search

Leopard Culottes: https://www.asos.com/lost-ink/lost-ink-wide-leg-trousers-in-leopard/prd/9711965?clr=leopard&SearchQuery=leopard%20print%20trousers&gridcolumn=3&gridrow=4&gridsize=4&pge=1&pgesize=72&totalstyles=36 

I also wanted to quickly incorporate a few little goals I guess you could call them, of things I want to achieve throughout October! Also, how is it already October, I mean it’s basically Christmas now right?

We’ll begin with my Blog/Youtube goals. I’ve recently been trying to make my blog much more fashion orientated, which you have all been loving, so I want to aim to get at least one fashion post up a week, maybe more, if I have time! In terms of YouTube, I recently started my channel and alongside this, I set myself the goal of reaching 2000 subscribers by the end of the year, which seemed unrealistic at the time – but last week I absolutely smashed this goal, which I’m mega proud of myself for doing! I’m someone who isn’t really fussed about numbers, as I do it for my enjoyment, but something that I want to get more confident with this year is vlogging in public. I’ve started to do it more, but I still get a bit funny when it comes to getting out my camera in front of my friends/family, this is something I really want to overcome this month!

I start back at university on Monday (October 1st) so with me being in my second year, this year is going to be very full on, I want to, this month, learn how to balance university and social life – as this was something I was terrible at during first year, I basically didn’t leave my flat! The earlier I can nail this, the better! Obviously want to be smashing my grades of course too, that goes without saying.

Then my last goal for October is to throw myself into one of the university societies, again something I didn’t do in my first year, and really regret not doing so! This year I have signed up for a few, consisting of Cheerleading, Amateur Dramatics and the Blogging society, of course! I doubt I’ll be able to do all 3, but I do want to throw myself into a couple, thats for sure!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this kind of fashion, kind of lifestyle type post; it has made me want to go on a bit of an animal print spending spree though, someone take my card away from me quick!

What have been your favourite animal print picks this year?!

All my love,

Han xx

20 thoughts on “Leopard Print & October Goals

  1. Wow! I love your leopard skirt!! I’ve been looking for one for a long time but couldn’t find any that I like… (I’m quite picky in term of prints… always too small, too cheap or too big…).
    I’m also looking for a leopard blouse but nothing so far either haha Still looking!
    You shared some great picks as well!
    Also, Congratulations on reaching your goal on YouTube! That’s awesome! I also started a channel at the beginning of the month and I know how hard it is!
    Well done!

    Laura xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was in exactly the same boat as you, I’m far too picky when it comes to prints – but when I came across these there was no stopping me! Thank you lovely- thats awesome, I’ll definitely check out your channel! xx


  2. For some reason I can’t help but associate leopard print with the myspace days and scene queens in their multi-coloured leopard jeans. But it’s nice to see this animal print being reinvented by fashionistas such as yourself. I totally agree with having shirts in garish prints! They are so much fun to wear ❤

    Laura / https://laustworld.blogspot.com/

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love how you’ve styled these leopard print pieces! Thinking of adding some to my wardrobe to add some colour to my life. I’ve also just started my final year of university so I can relate to how full on it will be!xx


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