Autumn Fashion Picks 2018

I’ve recently been wanting to add to the design/fashion part of my blog, seeing as its what my degree is in and also what I love to chat about, it would be silly not to. So welcome to a new series of blog posts, where I’ll be picking out my favourite pieces/trends from that season, then basically doing what I do best and chatting about them. Like I say, I’m starting off by just making this a seasonal thing, but knowing me (I spend a lot of time looking at clothes), it may turn into a more frequent occurrence on the blog!

Taking a look at my little mood board from this month, I think it’s safe to say that animal print has really taken my fancy recently. If I’m completely honest when the whole animal print trend started popping up on the runways I fully hated it, I thought it looked tacky – not to mention it also reminded me of Cat Slater from EastEnders and I must say, thats not really the look I wanted to go for. But after seeing it absolutely everywhere it has grown on me massively – particularly this last month. I started seeing more and more of my blogger pals rocking the animal print and I thought maybe it was time for me to stop being so stubborn and give it a go; long and behold I bloody love it an am fully converted. Partly think I have Lauren from to thank for this, seeing as her Instagram is full of her rocking the leopard print trend, from jeans to shirts, you name it, she’s probably got it!

Animal print, particularly leopard print, can be quite a risky one and can very quickly become not so stylish but here are my top picks for this month. I’ll start with the leopard print co-ord, I’ve had my eye on this for the longest time, I just don’t think that being a broke student I can justify the spend…but then at the same time, think of the blog photos in it! I also popped on here a leopard print shirt, I’ve seen these in basically every high-street store over the past few months, I suppose when they are that forced upon you, you begin to like them. I really like the cut on this particular shirt, and also where it is a slightly longer shirt than the ones I have previously seen, it lends itself well to being tied, and styled differently. Then lastly, a couple of accessories that I have recently stumbled across, of course there’s a pair of boots – my all time weakness. This time snakeskin though to shake things up a bit – the perfect size heel, simply styled with black skinny jeans would look fab. Then lastly, the cross body snakeskin bag, which again took a while for me to actually like, but after a bit of convincing and sort of forcing myself to get on the trend, I think this may be my favourite animal print find, perfect accessory for a night out too.

I’m surprised that only 2 coats made it onto this months picks, seeing as coats and jackets are my absolute weakness. This month I’ve gone for a gorgeous faux fur coat, I’ve been after a faux fur coat for a while now, but in all honesty, I don’t quite know if I’m cool enough to rock one. Then a lovely longline Burgundy coat, I’ve had the same grey longline coat for about 2 years now, which is probably due replacing this season. when I saw this one on the Asos website, it looked like the perfect replacement. I like to have a coat that is slightly more for dressier occasions, and I find that my longline coats have served me well for this so far.

I’ve noticed that checkered prints have also been more or less in all of the shops recently, and I’ve taken a particular liking to checkered dungaree dresses (again am I cool enough to pull them off…who knows) but I recently came across this one, I absolutely love that they’ve paired it with a mustard shirt underneath, the colours scream autumn!

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 13.03.27.png

A couple of more ‘dressy’ items that I’ve had my eye on – starting with the wide leg jumpsuit. Again something that I have been after for a while, but having quite a small frame, I tend to find that they just swamp me – although I am tempted to give this one a go, chuck on a pair of heels and a nice jacket, I recon we could make it work. Then this gorgeous dress, which would be perfect for some fancy event (if only I got invited to those). I’m a lover of a good dainty print, and think this print works particularly well on this dress, seeing as its quite a floaty number, anything bigger would have distracted from its cut.

Then lastly, it wouldn’t really be a fashion post from me if I didn’t include something red. As I was scrolling through the new in section on the TopShop website, I came across the most gorgeous pair of patent red boots, which just had my name written all over them. It’s not a want, it’s a need. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 13.01.20.png

So that concludes my first seasonal picks post, I have link all of the items throughout incase there is something that takes your fancy. I’m sure this will start to become a regular section on the blog seeing as 1, I’m a bit of a shopaholic and 2, I’m getting a fashion degree.

Which quickly leads me onto a question for you all, so I’ve briefly touched upon my degree when blogging before, but this year I’m specialising in knitwear, and I want to document my journey/design process/top knit pics (try saying that quick) etc throughout, would this be something you’d all be interesting in reading about too?? All fashion related still, just taking a more direct look into knitwear!

Anyway, hope you have all enjoyed,

All my love,

Han xx

19 thoughts on “Autumn Fashion Picks 2018

    1. I’m glad I could help – I think its so hit and miss when it comes to leopard, theres definitely a thin line between it being classy and trashy when it comes to animal print! Glad you enjoyed the post! x


  1. These are some great picks, although I still can’t get into the animal print trend myself. I love the burgundy coat and the checked dungaree dress the most!


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