The One Where We Went To Friends Fest


Some know it as Friends Fest, some know it as a day where I spent the entirety of it quoting different scenes and probably annoying quite a few people, sorry not sorry.

Friends Fest, if you haven’t heard of it (have you been living under a rock), is basically massive outdoor convention for die hard Friends fans. And anyone that knows me, will know I fit into that category very well, so of course I jumped at the chance when my Mum offered to take me with her!


I wanted to create a little post about my day at the convention, mainly because I have about a million and one photos from the day of me posing awkwardly with iconic props – and as much as I love Instagram, I’m not sure my followers would appreciate me posting a different Friends Fest picture everyday for the rest of the year! I also vlogged the whole day, so feel free to check that out also!

In all honesty I had no clue what to expect from Friends Fest, I had just seen pictures of it, and knew that it was something I needed to do, so when Mum and I found out that it was coming to Brighton, It would have been a missed opportunity to turn it down as it was right on our door step. Despite me not really knowing what to expect, the whole day was absolutely brilliant and I couldn’t recommend it enough to anyone who loves a bit of Friends!

I didn’t know until I arrived that it was an entirely outdoor convention, so Mum and I were incredibly lucky that the weather was on out side during our visit because I don’t think posing for photos in the rain would have been much fun. Friends Fest has all of the iconic set ups for you to wander round and if you’re like me, fan girl over. So we of course wandered round all of the photo opportunities, with me smiling like a mad woman in 90% of them because I’m so happy. This may sound so stupid, but when you’ve watched the show for as long as I have it’s so odd to see the set in real life – it also seemed so much bigger?! Either that or I’m just tiny, who knows.

After taking hundreds of pictures, we made our first quick pit food stop. There were an array of food stalls at the festival, all Friends related of course. We had Phoebe’s Veggie Van (perfect for all my fellow veggies), and a Joey’s Pizza Van, alongside some other american-esc food stalls. As much as I wanted to try out Phoebes’ Falafel Salad, it would be rude of me not to try Joeys Pizza, as we all know how iconic that is! So that was my lunch sorted, classic margarita, and let me tell you, it was the best slice of pizza I have ever tried – and I have tried a lot of pizza. Also not to mention it was pretty much the size of my face!!! What more could a girl want.

Of course it would be rude not to take a trip into Central Perk and grab a coffee (or in my case a hot chocolate because I still have the tastebuds of a 5 year old). It literally felt like I was in an episode of Friends at this point, sat in Central Perk, hot chocolate in hand, and a Phoebe impersonator sat at the front singing all other iconic songs, Smelly Cat being my personal fav. I have to say the atmosphere of the cafe was brilliant, they really did make you feel like you were living in a friends dream. I also got to sit on the iconic orange sofa, which again is massive, but I suppose when you have to fit 6 people on there, it must be big!

Whilst we waited for our tour we also grabbed a cheeky Friends themed cocktail, which was not only delicious, but very strong, it doesn’t take much for my legs to go a bit jellyish, and this took me halfway there. I had the time of my life sat in a massive field, in front of a big screed with continuous Friends Episodes playing on it, sipping a Chan Chan Man cocktail, if you know, you know!

Then lastly to round off our fun filled Friends experience (wow thats a mouthful), we had our set tour, which was what I was most excited about! We got to see the exact replicas of all 3 flats, sit in Joey and Chandlers iconic chairs, look at Phoebes real guitar, sit in Monica’s pristine kitchen and look at all of Ross’s palaeontology stuff. About to sound very stupid again, but it looked so real! (Well duh, it was the actual set). But when you watch it on telly then see it in real life its so cool! It was amazing, I didn’t get too many pictures of the actual set, so if this is something you are wanting to see, head over to my YouTube channel and take a look at the vlog, because that’s in there!

Of course a trip to Friends Fest wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the gift shop, where I spent far too much money on merch – consisting of a Friends Fest Tour T-Shirt, a replica of Huggsy to sit on my uni bed, a tote bag and a key ring – I need to learn the art of self control because I have none when it comes to shopping, particularly if its Friends Themed!

Overall I had such a fab day, and thank you to my Mum for brining me along with her and putting up with me constantly saying ‘ooo quick get a picture of me’ every 5 minutes! If you are a lover of Friends I couldn’t recommend this day enough, as far as I’m aware it’s nearly over for this year, but I think it is a yearly thing, so definitely get tickets; I know I’ll be going again next year!

All my love,

Han xx

17 thoughts on “The One Where We Went To Friends Fest

  1. It looks so cool! I have probably seen every episode by now due to repeats and so I was disappointed to see London had sold out already. Maybe next year? How were food and drink prices on site? xx


  2. This seems like the coolest event ever!!!! I’ve watched Friends so much that I know more about it than I do my own life. At one point I could honestly quote full episodes at a time without even having them playing 😂 It would have been SO COOL to sit in their kitchens!!! Glad you had a great time.

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