Goals For My Second Year at University

So I can’t quite believe the time has finally come for me to write this post – it only seems like yesterday that my parents were dropping me off at university and leaving me to fully fend for myself. While first year was jam packed, full of ups and downs, I want to make second year all the more better. I missed out on a fair bit during my first year of university, which just means that this next year I’ve got a lot of making up to do, something I am most excited about. I thought I’d set myself a list of (realistic-ish) goals for the next academic year, then look back on them at the end of the year and see how well I’ve done!

1. Good grades. I’ll start with the slightly more academic thing, and probably the thing that most students would say, but I want to keep up my good grades. Throughout first year I managed to get very high grades, something that I am super proud of, and something that I definitely want to keep up – not just through second year, but through the rest of my degree too! 

2. Visit more exhibitions. Leicester has a very direct train route to London (and other big cities), which I didn’t realise until a lot later in the year. London is one of my favourite places to visit, full of galleries, museums and interesting streets. It’s also perfect for an arty student like me, as it never fails to get my creative cap on and generate a bunch of new design ideas. 

3. Visit surrounding areas. Like I mentioned previously Leicester has direct train routes to so many other interesting cities, ones that I would really like to aim to get down to this year. It’s closely linked with Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester etc, all places I think would be really interesting for an art student like myself. 


4. Make the most of freshers. Last year I really didn’t throw myself into freshers, mainly because I came down with the dreaded freshers flu 4 days after moving in, but I also held back due to my anxiety. I’ve promised myself this year that I wont let that effect my experience (at least try not to), and really make the most of it this year. It’ll be a big fuck you to my anxiety if I can really push myself. 

5. Join a society. This is something I majorly regret not doing last year! Like most universities, DMU has hundreds of really interesting societies and for some bizarre reason I joined none last year. So this year, I’m going to join one. I feel like if I say I’m going to do it, I now kind of have to. I’m a very sporty person, so I’m hoping to get involved in a sports society – it’s another great way to making a new bunch of friends, and getting the chance to experience something completely new. 

6. Get a job?? I put a question mark here, because truth be told, I don’t actually know if I’ll have time for a job, but I do want to try and get something part time. Just weekend probably, but it’ll keep my busy, take me away from uni work occasionally, which I think is important – mainly to keep me from going insane! It’ll also make my bank account slightly happier, can’t say its ever best pleased when my rent or other bills come out.

7. Continue doing the things I love. So alongside getting my degree in textiles, which of course goes without saying, I love. I want to make sure I still make sure I create time for the other things I enjoy that aren’t academic. For example going to the gym/running, tattoo design, crocheting and of course, blogging and YouTube! I think its important to not get so caught up in your degree that you forget to do the things you love. I know that its important for me to sometimes have a break from all things textiles, something that I definitely need to put into practice more in second year.

I think thats a reasonable list, nothing too drastic on there, but all things I think will make my second year much more enjoyable than my first. I’ll be sure to do a little look back at this post next year to see if I have completed them all – that is unless I fail miserably at them all, but lets not  think about that. If you’re heading back to university, what are your goals? Or even if you aren’t heading back to university, what are your up and coming goals? 

All my love, 

Han xx 

38 thoughts on “Goals For My Second Year at University

  1. These are great goals! I wish I’d visited more places in my 2nd year. Definitely recommend societies they are so fun and a great way to meet people. Hope you are enjoying Leicester, it’s my home city, so any questions just let me know X

    Megan | meganelizabethlifestyle.com

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  2. I completely agree about the getting a job thing, I really need one because I’m running low on money but I also don’t want to be so busy that I have no time to just relax all year! My goals are definitely to focus on the academic side this year and try to balance it better with societies and going out which I really struggled with last year!

    Beth x | https://bethrebecca.com/

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  3. I recommend looking for a job on campus! They are really flexible with hours and understand if you need to take a few days off for coursework or something. I had two on-campus job throughout my whole undergrad and it was such a nice experience, also working with other students. Good luck! x

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com

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  4. Good luck with all your goals! I was in University full-time i.e. Monday-Friday 9-5 and still managed to work 1 day a week easily so you are able to do it as long as you balance your time well and it definitely helps take the pressure off your student loans. x


  5. The last one, YES. I think it’s really important not to let school consume you. There are so many things to do and most of the time I wish I wasn’t stressing myself out worrying about what I had to do next. I had a job all throughout college (mostly for the weekends) and that surprisingly helped me escape a bit!

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