Devon Travel Diaries: Take Two

My hair has never been so knotty, I’ve got a cold, and we’ve just had to put the heating on, in August – welcome to British summer time. Quick update to let you all know I’m still alive, haven’t froze to death…yet.


I’d wrote my previous post at the end of last week in hope that the weather would make a bit of an improvement, I was wrong, I’m currently sat writing this tucked up in a blanket, while listening to the sound of rain on the windows.

Aside from lots, and I mean lots, of walking this week, we have ventured out and had a few adventures too. We did have one very warm day this week – shorts weather. Which we made the most of, visiting Ilfracombe and drinking cider on a roof top pub garden. A lovely little village just outside of where we’re staying. Blue skies, and everything, felt almost tropical. Also tried my first pasty, only taken me 19 years. I underestimated how hard it would be to find a vegetarian pasty that I liked the sound of (being a very fussy eater, this was a hard task), but long and behold, Ilfracombe, had just what I needed, and shock, I actually enjoyed it!!!

Yesterday Mum, Dad and I trekked up to Mothoe, which is up the top of a massive hill, which even I struggled to walk up and I’m used to frequent hill training sessions with my running. Of course we rewarded ourselves with coffee at the top of the hill, would be rude not to. Annddd then of course and pint at the bottom of the hill, again, would be rude not to.

I have to say even though all five of us have come down with colds, I’ve had a lovely getaway so far. I’ve enjoyed not having to get up at 5AM for work meaning I actually have some energy left come 4PM, and I’ve loved just being able to chill out, something that I won’t deny, I’m normally pretty terrible at. Being a sufferer of anxiety and depression, I like my routine, so get up, go to work, train, then spend my evenings with friends or doing something creative. So the first few days, it was particularly hard for me to adjust to not having a routine, my head was all over the place and truth be told I felt awful. I then felt bad for feeling like this on holiday; consequently beating myself up about it, rather than just accepting that I feel like shit. Still, after a couple of days I began to adjust and I’m now kind of getting used to it…


I’m sure they’ll be another one of these before I go – one with birthday celebrations included (it’s my 19th on Wednesday!!!)

All my love,

Han xx

7 thoughts on “Devon Travel Diaries: Take Two

  1. Firstly, happy belated birthday! I look forward to reading your post this week about your birthday.
    Devon looks absolutely beautiful – there is something really nice and comforting about getting back to nature and hiking. It is a shame about the weather since you always want your summer holidays to be as summery as possible but hopefully you were able to still carry on regardless. Feel better soon. x


  2. Yes! I spent a week in Woolacombe about a month ago – thankfully in the middle of the heatwave! – and it’s so lovely over there! Not sure about Ilfracombe… but there are a few good pasty shops in Woolacombe that do veggie ones… so hard to find ones that actually look like something I’d eat though! Personally I prefer just sticking to chip shop chips as my beach food 😉

    Katie |

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    1. Ah another fellow Devon love, sounds like you picked the right time to go! Illfracombe is a bit hit and miss, because its a very old town which time really has missed, but still one with some little interesting nooks! x


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