Fitbit Alter HR Review

“Running keeps me sane”

I used to be the girl that hated PE and would do almost anything to get out of my PE lessons. There was nothing that appealed to me about getting red and sweaty for an hour, just to get changed back into a heavy blazer and attend another lesson – make up sliding down my face and hair looking like I’ve just been dragged through a bush…I mean I’d rather not. You also always had those girls that took PE way too seriously, babe it’s not the Olympics, chill; these were my least favorite type of people at school.

Ironically I now love fitness.

About 2 years ago now I picked up running. I was going through a very dark time with my mental health, and my Dad told me all about the benefits of running, how he was 99% sure it would help me. Surprisingly, it did. 2 Years down the line, the girl who once needed her inhaler to run to the corner shop, can now run 10K in an impressive 44 minutes.

So now that I’ve started to take my training more seriously, instead of it just being a hobby, I’m now racing and constantly looking to get a new PB – I thought it was about time I got myself a Fitbit.

I had been skeptical about buying one of these mainly because I hate spending money, and its no secret that Fitbits are rather expensive…the one I wanted being just shy of £200 – granted that’s not a lot of money, but for a student, it’s a bit of an investment. I also wasn’t too sure how well it would benefit me, but long story short, it’s been the best thing I have treated myself to in a long time.

Choosing to go for the Fitbit Alta HR, rose gold series, of course. Sometimes fitness watches can look a bit bulky, not very ‘pretty’, but this one is completely different. It’s a very dainty, pretty watch. I think the colour scheme helps this as well. It’s got a beautiful dusty pink strap (which is interchangeable), complimented by the rose gold hard wear.

I mainly use the Fitbit to track my daily steps, making sure I hit 10,000+ steps a day (fairly easy for me, working 9 hours on my feet most days, and training 5+ times a week) and my food intake, as it also has a My Fitness Pal type feature. Also primarily for tracking my training – the watch comes with a free app, which has an abundance of features, but the training feature kind of resembles Map My Run, but better. It helps me to track my times and speed, helping me improve and push harder each time.

Some of the other features include; distance walked/ran, calories burned, active minutes, sleep tracker, text receiving and heart rate tracker. All of these being so helpful when it comes to me tracking both my health and fitness. I’ve recently suffered with heart palpitations, which I’ve been told is linked to my anxiety, my watch helps me to track when this when it is happening, therefore helping me reduce my anxiety, which is brilliant.

Overall the Fitbit has been one of my best investments in a long time, and I’m so glad I splashed out on a nice one rather than a cheap crappy one. If any of you are into fitness, or thinking about getting into it I couldn’t recommend this product highly enough. It’s also very motivating, if you’re someone that struggles with getting up and moving – there are programed alerts to get up and move!

All my love,

Han xx

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