I think the correct way to start this post off is quoting the famous Joey Tribiani with – ‘LONDON BABY’; if you know what episode I’m referring too you’ve instantly just gone up in my estimations.


It’s not often I get the chance to head into London, mainly just through having a fairly busy schedule, that and the fact it costs and absolute bomb to get up there for me…£40 for a return on the train hahahahah Southern Rail, are you joking hun? Anyway that aside I recently headed to London for the day with my parents to celebrate my Mums’ 50th birthday – can we all just admire the fact she doesn’t look 50 at all, bloody hope I’ve inherited the good ageing genetics…


The main reason we popped into London for the day was to visit the Royal Academy of Arts, for their 250th Summer Exhibition. So me being a typical art hoe, I was completely in my element. If you find art boring or it isn’t really your cup of tea, first of all – are u ok??? Secondly, I suggest you read no further, because this is going to be your typical arty farty post of me gawping over some incredible art works.

Having specialised in art/textiles for the past 3 years, and with the intention of pursing it as a career I’m a lover or art galleries and exhibitions. I’m lucky to have very artistic parents, one of them being a graphic designer, and the other just being very good with a set of pencils, I grew up looking around various galleries in London. Granted the first time my Dad took my to an art gallery I was far too young to appreciate it and was probably being a little shit complaining at how bored I was. Luckily, I now can’t get enough of them. I could happily spend all of my spare time walking around art galleries, I really do just go off into my own little world and it’s a very calming experience.

Since specialising I’ve found my style, which is very bold, contemporary and free – the RA  Exhibition exhibited plenty of this sort of style, I was completely in awe of some of the pieces, not to mention how much I was taken aback by their price tags. The painting of the Adidas trainers; £144,000…crazy! I mean, I know art work is expensive, but this really took me by surprise. The exhibition really did have something for everyone, I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t enjoy it. It had everything from contemporary paintings, to mixed media art works, and even architectural pieces.

As I am studying Textiles at university, any time I can get to an exhibition I generally do as I find these really help fuel my creative spark. If I have a bit of a creative artists block, I can guarantee that I’ll leave feeling inspired and with a million and one ideas, this proved when I left the Summer Exhibition. I left feeling inspired, excited and with an abundance of new project and art work ideas, it was a successful trip!

RA Summer Exhibition…A Brief Background 

2018 is a historic year for the RA as it is their foundations 250th birthday. The main objective of the academy being to establish a fine art school funded from the proceeds made at the annual summer exhibition – this year the exhibition being co-ordinated by the one and only Grayson Perry, who if you’ve never heard of before…search him up, please, you won’t regret it. The summer exhibition is a unique one, exhibiting art works from both the general public and also members of the artists trade union all under one roof. I cannot rate this exhibition enough, if you get the chance to go into London and have a look I really would, I loved it so much I’m half tempted to go again just so I can properly appreciate all of the art works.

Once we had wandered around the exhibition, that took us to nearly 3PM, by that point I was getting hangry, I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so of course I needed feeding. We popped to Pret, I grabbed myself a salad, then we walked back to the RA and sat in the gardens at Burlington house to enjoy our lunch. We picked one of the best days to go to London as it was absolutely boiling, I’m one of the few people that adores this heatwave weather, just wanting to be out in it as much as possible!


We then took a walk back up to Victoria train station, past Queenies house – which I had a bit of a Megan Markle moment in front of, and I’d be lying if I said 10 years from now I hope to be marrying a prince too. All in all I had a lovely day in London both visiting the exhibition and celebrating my Mums big birthday. Over all too quickly and I can’t wait to get back to London some point soon! I’d love to have some blogger pals to go to London with, to explore all of the generic blogger places, take photos and sip tea, if this sounds like a plan, slide into my DMs x


All my love,

Han xx


One thought on “LONDON BABY

  1. Firstly, I absolutely love your dress – where is it from? I have actually never heard of of the RA which is weird because I live in London! I absolutely loved art museums growing up, especially the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, but it has been so long since I have been. xx


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