Why Love Island is Certified Bullshit

So aside from the World Cup, the other topic that has been on everyones lips these past few weeks is Love Island. I’m guessing you all know what Love Island is by now – if you don’t, have you been living under a rock or something? But it’s basically another dating dating show (as if there weren’t enough), where the aim of the game is to find love, with the winners winning £50,000.

I won’t lie, Love Island used to be my guilty pleasure, I’d get myself all cotch, tea within reading distance and get way too invested in the love show. But this year I have seen it get quite toxic, glorifying things that shouldn’t be, all to the point where I’ve given up wasting my time watching it and have actually watched the World Cup, shock horror. 

We’ll start with Adam. The one man (if you can even call him that), in this show that can single handedly make my blood boil. When he waltzed into the villa everyone knew from the offset that he was going to be a bit of a cock, lets be honest – so it was no surprise when he turned out to be a massive cock. It was soon common knowledge to everyone watching that Adam was your typical fuckboy, that almost all of us girls have had the unfortunate fate of dealing with. He’s jumped from girl to girl, another 2 and he’ll be able to create his own chorus to Mambo No.5. I see Adam to be a very manipulative guy, the one to make you think you’re in the wrong, when its quite clearly him. This was the first straw with me, the fact a prime time TV show was openly advocating a toxic man and not seeing the problem with it is beyond me.

I have to say the casting crew really haven’t done that well with the men this year, literally every boy in there reminds me of why I don’t trust boys. Apart from Jack, he’s an absolute angel and should be protected at all costs. Everyone else, well they’re all slowly making me lose hope in the male species…

Body image…I’ve struggled with accepting my body pretty much all my life, always being one to pick out flaws, so watching 6 beautiful girls entering the villa is always a hard watch for me – but I tend to be able to look past it. Having said this what I’ve noticed this year, is the girls that all of the guys are going for are so fakes Megan is a perfect example of this, don’t get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery, but seeing as every guy in the villa is pretty much drooling over her, no wonder us girls don’t feel good enough as we are. I can’t help but think that if the villa was full of women without any plastic surgery, a range of shapes and sizes, I’m sure I can speak for many girls when I say that we all might feel better about ourselves.

When I watched the show last year, as far as I can remember the producers didn’t seem to do too much medaling with the happy couples in their relationships, but oh no, this year it’s different. Jack and Dani, the current favourites to win, were having the time of their lives until the producers decided to throw Jack’s ex in the mix and also mess around with Danis emotions. We all like a bit of drama on telly, lets not lie, but when someone gets genuinely upset, it just isn’t pleasant to watch. How desperate must they be for views that they have resorted to making people cry on national TV??

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled on enough about Love Island, just writing about it makes me annoyed. Full of toxic men, snakey girls, peachy bottoms and fake boobs. If next years is anything like this years, you can count me out.

What’s your opinion on this years Love Island, I can’t be the only one that has a bit of a bee in their bonnet about the whole thing?!

All my love,

Han xx

One thought on “Why Love Island is Certified Bullshit

  1. I have never seen Love Island purely for this principle. I don’t like the idea that producers can get involved in someone else’ love lives and manipulate them for views. xx


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