Spring To Do List

After the longest winter of my life, this past week has started to feel like spring…finally! I can tell that spring is well underway as my hay fever is already raging, I’m sure I’m not the only one! Blossom trees are finally blooming – something soon to be featured on every bloggers Instagram, and the weather is finally (thank goodness) starting to pick up. I hope I wasn’t the only one bored of the sub zero temperatures and constant grey days!

Anyway with spring somewhat here I thought I’d compile a list of all the things I want to get done this season…

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 16.06.27


I used to love baking, but since moving away to university, I’ve just not had the time for it. So now I’m moving back home to study, I have an excuse to do more of it – look out for some more of that featuring on the blog soon!

Trip to London

London is one of my favorite places, and being to easy for me to get to I really should get myself down there more often. But this spring I want to do a whole day there doing properly touristy things like; the London Eye, London Dungeons, Oxford Street, all the typical places associated with London.

More Tattoo Designing

This has been something I’ve been making more time for recently anyway, but this spring I want to continue to get recognized for my artwork as that’s pretty cool when I do! (PS feel free to have a gander at my art Instagram @textilesbyhan )

Get Properly Training

Since coming back home from university my training has been all over the place, so this spring I’m going to get my ass back into gear running 4 times a week and also start getting myself down to the gym again…she says.

Movie Night

By movie night I mean proper go all out with snacks, blankets and a load of movies – something Instagram worthy. I’ve never really had a proper movie night, purely because I fall asleep while watching practically every film ever, but I’ll force my pals to keep me awake for this!

More Blogging

I’ve been getting better at this recently, I want to try and get a schedule of posting once a week again, eventually 2, but I’m just trying to ease myself into it at the moment! I also want to start engaging more, as when I made more time for engagement my following and views skyrocketed!

So there’s my little list for spring, I’m sure I’ll catch up with you all at the end of spring to see if I actually completed any of them!

What ‘s on your spring to do list?

Han xx

One thought on “Spring To Do List

  1. Good luck! I recently did a post on how to spend a day in London if you’re interested. I really need to get back into training but it’s been so hard with the weather being nice then terrible. xx


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