10 Things That Make Me Happy

With International Happiness Day having just passed, it got me thinking of all the little things in life that make me smile. Having such a hectic life, and being prone to getting very stressed, I often forget about the little things that make it a bit brighter (as cringe as that sounds). Without further ado, lets get going – I’m also going to have to make a mental note of this blog post for future reference the next time I start to get myself down…

We’ll get the most typical/predictable one out of the way first – my friends and family (including my doggo, of course). It goes without saying, that I am very appreciative of my friends and family. Having a group of people who I can reply on to always make me belly laugh, but also be there for a shoulder to cry on, is a blessing I’ll never take for granted.

Good cocktails. I’m an absolute sucker for a good cocktail. Pass me over a pornstar martini and I’ll be a very happy gal, that’s for sure.


Gigs – primarily of smaller indie bands that aren’t so well known. Ever since my Dad took me to my first gig back in 2016, I’ve become utterly obsessed with seeing as many bands as possible. There’s just something about standing in a tiny little basement or field with like minded people, enjoying good music that I just LOVE, and will never tire of.

Good food (mainly pizza). I’d like to thank whichever Italian it was that invented pizza, because without your invention I would be leading a very sad life – also probably one where I was a couple of pounds lighter…


Hot showers. I know this may sound really stupid, but hot showers make me happy. It’s one of the only times I’m on my own in a quiet room and can actually think, I recon about 98% of my important life decisions are made in the shower.

Running is something that will forever make me happy. I took it up over 2 years ago now, and boy am I grateful I did. It’s my little escape, and it’s what keeps me sane. It’s also great for letting my competitive side shine, fun fact, I’m actually far too competitive for my own good, at least when I run being competitive is acceptable.


Reading is another one. I never ever used to be one for reading, but the past few years I’ve found something quite freeing about reading. Sort of living a life that isn’t mine for a while in a way I guess.

Of course blogging and my YouTube had to be on here for things that make me happy. A creative outlet that will always put a smile on my face. (Shock horror, did I just mention YouTube?? Yeah, I did, and I might get back into that one…we’ll see, I’m not making any promises)

Art/Drawing is another thing that will always make me happy. I could sit and draw for hours; I’ll also always be appreciative of good artwork. Put me in a good art museum and I’m happy as Larry.


Blossom. Again this could potentially be an odd one, but when the trees start to blossom this makes me incredibly happy (although it sends my hay fever raging), it signifies spring/summer and warmer weather, something that I cannot wait for!

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 16.06.27

It’s easy to forget about the little things in life that put a smile on your face, but it’s important to recognise them!

What makes you happy?

Han xx

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