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8 Life Lessons ‘Friends’ Taught Me

There’s 2 types of Friends lovers, the ones who watch it from time to time and call it one of their favourite shows and the ones who have watched it so many times over they know the plot to every episode and could most likely recite the majority of scenes. I’m the latter. Utterly obsessed, I treat my box set like a gift from god. It has made me laugh and cry, all whilst teaching me some lessons I will take with me through life.

Take Risks 

I think if there is one thing that we learnt from Rachel getting off the plane, it’s that life is short so take risks and live in the moment. Have some balls, if you think something feels wrong, do something to make it right, chances are it’ll work in your favour.

Think Before You Speak 

Some people pride themselves in having verbal diarrhoea but again if theres anything that Rachel taught us, is that this isn’t always a good thing. Remember the scene where she referred to her relationship with Palo as just ‘meaningless animal sex’; yeah, the shit that stirred up between Ross and her should be enough to make anyone remember to think before they speak.

To Not Care What People Think 

We have Phoebe to thank for this one. That time she took up jogging with Rachel…need I say more.

Never Get Drunk With Your Ex 

The trip to Vegas is a prime example here, with Ross and Rachel ending up married, drinking with your ex is never a good idea. Even if you don’t end up married, something will happen, guaranteed.

Never Cheat

There’s 2 types of people in this world, those who think Ross and Rachel were on a break and those who think they weren’t. 100% they weren’t on a break, even if they were I don’t think it was an excuse. Another thing, girls will always find out everything and I mean always – there really is no hiding.

Don’t Be Mean 

The people that bullied Monica throughout school because of her weight, once they came across her in later life they had a shock. Always be nice to people, you never know, they may crop up in later life having grown up well.

Real Love Will Always Find Its Way

Okay but how many relationships did both Ross and Rachel go through during the entirety of Friends all for them to end up always coming back together. If thats not a prime example of what will be will be, I don’t know what is.

Don’t Count To Mississippi 

Lastly, the iconic scene where Ross arrives home from the tanning salon, if it weren’t for this scene we’d all be clueless as to the fact you can’t count to Mississippi in a tanning booth, it won’t end well.

Also, lets not forget the only way to move a sofa? PIVOT.

Han xx

2 thoughts on “8 Life Lessons ‘Friends’ Taught Me

  1. Friends is such iconic series! There’s definitely a lot to learn and I love how you presented it with a little bit of humour. My favourite lessons were the last two, lol, I started laughing even thinking about those scenes!


  2. I havent really watched Friends properly, I only watched it when it was on TV but even I agree that Ross and Rachel were not on a break! I agree with all these lessons, even if I didnt always get the reference. xx


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