A Look Back At January

Okay but in all seriousness how many months did January drag on for???

January always feels like the longest month, but this year, I’m not sure what it is, but it feels like it has dragged on even more than usual – and I’m so over it. I am desperate for the spring and summer months, with warmer weather and blue skies. I feel like I haven’t seen the sun for months; summer can’t come quick enough.


At the start of the January, I promised my self that every month I would reflect over what had happened and what I had achieved, just so in the future I can look back at it. Also on the bad days it’ll make me realise it isn’t always bad.

So after 3 weeks back home, I arrived back at university on January 4th, full of excitement to start the new term. Quickly this excitement disappeared and I went through a very rough patch with my mental health. It was the worst it had been since I moved out and learning to deal with it solely on my own was so hard. Although my parents are only a phone call away, it’s not quiet the same. Nonetheless a few weeks of feeling particularly bad, towards the end of January I’ve started to feel myself again. Multiple people have said it’s nice to have the sarcastic Han back, so I must be getting better. Something that I am particularly proud of is not caving in and giving my head what it wanted, which was for me to be incredibly miserable, I powered on through, didn’t go home, got through a fairly shit time and came out the other end, a lot happier as well.

In terms of university work, I’ve started a new project choosing to focus it all around psychedelia (my favourite subculture…after mods) and also a completely new module focussed on fabric and colour technology – it’s very sciencey. Surprisingly I love the science side, it’s something I’ve taken a particular liking too and I quite like the idea of studying it further after my degree. Last term I handed in 3 different modules, 2 practical and one essay and in January I got my grades back for all of these, grades that I was ecstatic with. I worked my butt off for all those had ins, which payed off as I received 2 1st grades and also a 2:1.

January also saw me book my flat for next year, a very adult thing to do…I still don’t feel old enough to be doing this! I made the right choice to book a shared flat, in a place 2 minutes from town and a short walk from university. It’s a completely new complex with a cinema, study room, cafe and a gym, perfect.

Lastly, January saw me finally get back into blogging. I had sort of said at the end of last year I had really ben struggling to keep up with blogging, university, running and a social life, which meant blogging took a bit of a back seat. But since the new year I’ve just set myself a goal for 1 blog post a week and so far, so good, I’ve stuck to it and for the first time I’m really happy with the content I’m putting out. This also shows in my blog views which have sky rocketed, so this month has been good for that also! I had my first blogger event of the year too, a Kiehl’s beauty event, which was so much fun. I was seriously thinking about not going because of my anxiety, but it’s stopped me doing too much over the past couple of years, so I forced myself to go and conquer my anxieties, I’m very glad I did, as I met some lovely bloggers and had a fab time!

January for the most part was fairly rubbish, but as it draws to a close it is starting to pick up again, I just hope it continues to do so! Here’s hoping February holds slightly less tears and more blue skies, that’ll make me very happy I’m sure!

Han xx

One thought on “A Look Back At January

  1. Gosh, it sounds like your January was quite a whirlwind! Your course sounds so interesting – I think I would’ve loved to have learned about psychedelia and mods! I hope that February is lots better for you. I can’t wait to read the post to find out 🙂

    Olivia – The Northernist x


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