5 Things Every Student Must Do In 2018

University is a time for personal, social and academic growth, it’s the only time in your life where its acceptable for you to leave the house for a 9AM still in your pyjamas (apparently thats frowned upon in the adult world?). With only 3 years to make the most of the full university lifestyle, I’ve complied a list of things that I think every student must do in 2018.


1. Have your own ‘Come Dine with Me’ dinner party.

Me and my flatmate have an unhealthy obsession with Come Dine with Me, with frequent discussions of what dishes we would cook up if we were to have our own. I think this would be great fun, taking it in turns to cook up your favourite student meals – I mean this could potentially end up with you having beans on toast for your main, but its all part of the fun right?

2. Try out a new society or club

Every year, most freshers events have a day where you can go along to campus and have a mooch at all the societies that the university have available. Not only will trying out something new teach you something you’ve never done before, but it will also introduce you to an entirely new group of friends and social activities. I found settling into university particularly hard, but since I have joined the pole fitness society, I’ve made a bunch of new friends and also have been invited to many social activities, all while doing something good for myself!

3. Go on a night out sober

Okay, this might sound like madness, but hear me out. Like any first year student, I’ve been on my fair share of nights out that involve cheap drinks, having said this I’m not actually a massive drinker, so I’ve also been on a few nights out completely sober and let me tell you they are just as good, if not sometimes better than the ones when I’ve been drinking. Not only will you remember everything from the night out, but you’ll also wake up hangover free, give it a go, you might surprise yourself.

4. Have an elaborate picnic on the university green

Most universities have their own green spaces for students to sit and relax (admittedly no one in their right mind is currently using them in January) but when it comes to summer, make use of them! Get a group of your pals together, all bring a different picnic style food and enjoy the sun and the campus!

5. Make friends with someone from another country

Preferably a country you’ve never met anyone from before – if not any country will do. Not only will this give you a new friend, but it will also allow you to learn a whole array of things about their country and culture that you may not have known – it will open your eyes to the world, I’m sure of it.

I could go on for ages about things that I think all students must do this year, university is a time where there is so much pressure to do well, that I think it is important to take time out for yourself and do things like this to enjoy yourself, as thats also what university is about. Your university experience is what you make it and its only 3/4 years, so make the most of it!

What things do you think all students should do this year?!

Han xx

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