Kiehl’s Beauty Event

I’ve had a fairly rubbish start to January, just with my mental health not being where I want it to be, feeling homesick and just general January blues, so when Kiehl’s got in touch with me about attending a beauty event, I couldn’t have been happier. Something to look forward to and also hopefully get me out of the January blues and feeling a bit more motivated!


So the event was primarily based around the products that Kiehl’s stock and their company history. Before attending, I had heard of the brand, but it is very much up market, so on a student budget, I’ve never been able to treat myself. Having said this I found out so much about general skincare and their products, that by the end of it I wish I had the money to just hand over my purse and take the whole range home!

It started off with a skincare routine using their products, some that really stood out to me and I’m sure will be added to upcoming wish lists of mine, was the Midnight Recovery Oil and also the Vitamin C Serum – proven to help with ageing, although I still have very young skin, the younger I can prevent ageing the better! We then went on to see what type of skin we all personally have. Prior to this event I was certain I had dry skin, but after a skin test it actually came up that I have dehydrated skin, which makes sense because I am terrible at drinking water.


Kiehl’s are a company that are very proud of both their heritage and their use of natural ingredients. It’s a dermatologist recommended skincare brand – another reason why I was excited to be invited, as having very sensitive skin, I have to be incredibly careful with that products I opt to use; but with Kiehl’s being all natural and dermatologist approved, I’m luckily able to use them.


All the bloggers that attended the event were lucky enough to receive a goody bag stuffed with miniature Kiehl’s goodies, including their best selling face cream which I cannot wait to try out! Not only this, but we also got given a set of herbal tea bags by Whittard, now if you know me well, it’ll come as no surprise that I got very very over excited by this, free tea, erm yes please!


Overall I had a fabulous time, it was a brilliant first event of 2018 and I have also been invited to their launch party for a selection of new products next month, which I’m already excited about!

Han xx

8 thoughts on “Kiehl’s Beauty Event

  1. These are some beautiful photos. Glad you had a great time! January is nearly over, I hope you go in to February feeling much better and positive. I struggle with my Mental health and this hasn’t been a good one for me either but surrounding yourself with positive experiences and people has helped me get through. I hope you are ok and if you did ever need someone to talk to my inbox is always open 🙂

    Pinar |

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