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The Body Shop – Japanese Cherry Blossom Review

Well it has been a hot minute since I have done a product review – having been at university, leaving me a with a tragic student budget, I’ve not really been able to treat myself to some new products to test. For Christmas I always tend to receive some new smellies (something I’ll never get bored of) and this year was no exception.


I have grown up using Body Shop products, they were and still are the brand that I forever swear by when it comes to skincare and smellies. Growing up, as a child I suffered with quite bad eczema, which luckily isn’t so bad now that I am slightly older, but when I was younger my skin reacted to almost every product under the sun, apart from Body Shop products – I’m still unsure why this is, its probably primarily down to the natural ingredients that the company use, either way I’ve used a whole range of their products ever since I can remember.


One of my all time favourite body care ranges from The Body Shop, is their Japanese Cherry Blossom range, which when my Mum worked for them I had a constant supply of, but ever since she changed companies, I’ve not been so fortunate. This is one of them smells that I smell and it instantly reminds me of my child hood and happy memories, I think this might be why I love it so much – also why I was so pleased to open the Japanese Cherry Blossom gift set on Christmas Day this year. Having not had it for a few years, I opened it and was so ecstatic, my Mum remembered how much I loved this scent, also how much it means to me – so many memories came flooding back when I smelt it again.


We’ll start with the packaging. Body Shop always have the most beautiful packaging and product designs. Their ranges are always so simply designed, but the designs are always so effective. The Japanese Cherry Blossom range is pink and white, nothing screams my name more. With a lovely floral pattern, on the packaging also, so pretty and simply designed. I think that often companies can think too far into packaging and as much as I am always interested in new, innovative and interesting packaging designs, its often quite nice to keep it fairly simple and clean.

Then the product scent itself, I could go on about for days, its a smell that I will never get bored of and if Body Shop would like to give me a never ending supply of the stuff I would be forever grateful. Now I am the worst at smelling scents, I mean I’ll give it a go, but I may butcher it and put you off it forever. Its a very clean, floral, smell with a subtle musky hint to it – thats as good as the scent describing is going to go, I suggest when you next past a Body Shop store you give it a smell – thank me later.


The Body Shop are against animal testing and also a vegetarian friendly brand and something that I want to work on throughout 2018 is using more cruelty free beauty products. They also have a great policy/manifesto named ‘Enrich Not Exploit’, which if you want to read more on you can do so here So not only do The Body Shop produce my favourite scent of all time and a whole range of products that don’t irritate my sensitive skin, but they also have good values, what more could you want from a company!

Han xx

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