Christmas Day 2017

After successfully completing 12 consecutive days of blogging for Blogmas, I vowed to myself that I would take a bit of a break, but I’ve caught the bug – I’ve also got some lovely pictures from the big day that I was itching to post too.


Having grown up being the eldest of 3 siblings, I’ve always been woken up at approximately 5:30AM by my two very excitable brothers, though this year having all grown up a bit, they gave my parents and I the privilege of laying in until 7AM; still early, I know, but it made the world of difference. I’d also like to point out that my eldest younger brother (the middle sibling) normally stays in bed until around 11 and will only rise prior if he absolutely has too. So the fact he too was awake at 7 surprised us all, a christmas miracle I guess you could say.


I know some families wait until after they’ve eaten to open their gifts, but the unwrapping always happens before breakfast in our house, it always has done and probably always will. An hour of excitement and happy faces, lots of thank you’s and hugs, leave a hefty pile of crinkled wrapping paper in the middle of the floor, which my dog seems to be more interested in then her own edible gifts  – anyone else’s pets more interested in the wrapping paper than the actual gifts?


It has always been a tradition for my Dad to cook dinner and after every Christmas my Mum and him have the same conversation about how next year Mum should have a go, they agree for that to happen, but it never actually does, Dad will forever be head chef on Christmas day in this house. Having said that, this year he did enlist the help of me, the girl who nearly set her flat on fire through making pancakes? Yep thats right. I mean I was given the fairly simple jobs, but I’ve convinced myself that had my help not been enlisted, Christmas dinner would have gone to pot, and thats it, Christmas ruined.


I’ve had a very chilled day with just my little family, Mum and I walked the dog and got very windswept, getting a white Christmas was never going to happen, it’s the UK after all, its been grey and horrible all day, whats new. I’ve eaten SO much food, I am now sat writing this feeling like an actual pig in a blanket, I think its safe to say thats when you know you’ve done christmas right. Although I have no shame feeling like a little piggy because todays dinner was easily the best dinner I have EVER eaten, like ever.

The evening has been spent sat around the TV watching all the classics like Doctor Who and Bake Off. Complaining about how full we all feel and the dog looking mardy because she did’t get any Christmas dinner, it’s quite the sight. I say this every year, but this Christmas really has been lovely, over too quickly, but when isn’t it. My family have spoilt me rotten and I will be forever grateful for that. I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such a wonderful family throughout this time of year. Okay, cringe section over, I’ll get back to being a sarcy so and so now.


Happy Christmas,

All my love, Han xxx


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