Favorite Winter Treats

December is the one month of the year where for once I’m not so strict on what I eat and I actually try to enjoy food. Previously this has been a very hard task for me, but this year I am determined to enjoy it and not feel guilty for doing so. I tend to eat quite clean throughout the majority of the year, so December is my month to indulge, its all about balance right?

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Anyway I thought I would share with you some of the foods I most look forward to indulging in throughout the christmas period…

Hot Chocolate 

I normally steer clear of hot chocolate for the most part of the year, but theres nothing more christmassy then a Costa festive hot chocolate. I’ve taken a particular liking to their mint hot chocolate this year, whenever I go in there, it’s my go to drink! I’ve also found a good Tesco own brand low calorie, low fat, hot chocolate, which probably defeats the object of hot chocolate for most people, but I was very happy when I came across it.



I get this from my Dad, but I am a sucker for a good cheese board, at any time of year come to think of it, but at christmas there will always be a good cheese board in the house, which I am very much looking forward to this year. I used to never really be a massive fan of the stuff, but as I’ve grown up its been something I’ve grown to love.


The only time I ever drink is when I am off out with my friends, although even then I do have to be careful, because I am possibly the biggest lightweight you will ever come across. But if  you can’t excessively drink at christmas with all your favourite people, when can you?!


I have such fond memories of being a young child and baking ginger biscuits with my Dad, they’re our favourite and they really remind me of christmas, I don’t know what it is, but theres something about ginger bread that screams christmas. It’s something I will always look forward to at this time of year.


Over the past year I’ve sort of cut chocolate out of my diet, it’s a rare treat for me, even then I try to stick to dark chocolate. But during christmas this rule goes straight out of the window. In my house hold we will always have a constant supply of chocolate at christmas time, this year I intend to take full advantage of this.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 08.38.55

I mean I could go on for hours about the foods that I love to indulge in throughout December, but you would soon get bored! Let me know what your favourite winter treat is!

Han xx

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