Would You Rather? CHRISTMAS TAG

I was tagged by the lovely Lauren to take part in a festive spin of the would you rather tag, so here goes!


1. Would you rather…Give presents or receive them?
100% give presents, I love love love shopping for presents for other people, not only this but I love watching other people open my gifts to them, never fails to make me smile. Despite saying this, I do love receiving thoughtful gifts – a couple of my friends recently got me the most thoughtful christmas present, I won’t lie, I could have cried when I received it!
2. Would you rather…Christmas Pudding or Trifle?
Neither…shock I know. I’ve never had a christmas pudding before, I’m not a fan of dried fruit, and I’m pretty sure thats what christmas pudding has in it, right? Therefore that really isn’t my cup of tea. I’ve also never like trifle,  mainly because it has cold custard (I refuse to eat custard unless its hot), it also has cream, which I hate also. I guess you could say I’m a fussy eater.
3. Would you rather…’Home Alone’ or ‘A Christmas Carol’ ?
I’ve never seen A Christmas Carol before, so it would have to be Home Alone, I do love the Home Alone movies. My family and I always have a christmas movie night on christmas eve, and Home Alone just reminds me of these evenings.
4. Would you rather…Spend Christmas abroad or at home?
Hands down at home. I’ve never really understood why people go abroad, particularly to hot countries for christmas. Christmas for me is meant to be spent at home, with all my family and a classic christmas dinner, it wouldn’t be the same if I spent it abroad.
5. Would you rather…Receive 1 very expensive present or a few not-so expensive presents?
My answer changes to this year on year, my parents normally get me one expensive present then lots of little ones to go alongside it. But this year I have asked for a particularly expensive coat, so I guess this year it would be the first option.
That’s it for this post, I do love tag posts, they’re the best way to get to know other bloggers!
Han xx

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