How To Be A More Productive You

I’m often so productive that I surprise myself sometimes, I frequently get asked how I manage to stay so productive and balance a busy lifestyle, and honestly there is no real secret, but I do have a few tips and tricks that allow me to get the most out of my days.



I’m a massive list lover; I literally make lists nearly every day. By setting myself a set of goals in the morning of things that I want to achieve that day, it allows me to constantly be doing something, and ticking something else off. When I’m not at university, my lists mainly consist of blogging/YouTube and social things that I need to get done, but when I am at university I find lists so helpful in helping me to organize all of the tasks that need doing throughout the day.


When I don’t have anything planned for my day, I’m guilty of just showing then getting straight back into my trackies and a cozy hoodie, and I can always guarantee that whenever I do this, I will have such an unproductive day. Some people find that they get a lot done when they are comfy and in their lounging clothes, but I am completely the opposite. I am 100 times more productive when I get my self properly dressed, and resist from putting on an oversized hoodie and trackies.


I find that having my phone switched on when I am doing university or even blogging work, to be such a distraction. Although I can normally restrain from picking it up and scrolling through social media, I still receive notifications, which I find to be quite a distraction, and often cause me to lose my train of thought, which is exactly why I turn off my phone when I am getting important things done, as it so much less of a distraction!


Find somewhere that you know will keep you productive. So for example I love to work in either my little room, or in the library as this is when I find I am most productive. Although I do find when working in my room I need to make sure I work at my desk, as I am a lot less productive if I resort to working on my bed.


I lead quite a healthy lifestyle, I eat well, I also very regularly partake in exercise, I found that when I changed my lifestyle to a much healthier one, I became so much more productive. I think this was due to me feeling a lot better in myself, leading me to get much more out of my days.

As much as we all need days to be unproductive and not move from the sofa, I much prefer the days where I am productive as possible!

All my love,

Han xx

38 thoughts on “How To Be A More Productive You

  1. I definitely do all of these already, I’m a super organised and productive person, with the exception of staying off of social media because my productivity stems from my business and my blog which is obviously a lot of SM. Great tips (: xxx

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  2. These are all so true! I’m so bad at getting out of my pj’s now especially when I’m home with the baby it’s ridiculous. I should make it a goal to make myself look like a human each day 😀 except sundays.

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  3. I think nothing beats setting yourself a routine. Get up, make your goals lists and get on with things! When I’m working from home I like to act like I’m still going to the office, it just gets me in the right frame of mind. And, if I’m really distracted, going and working in a different environment like a coffee shop really helps too xx

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  4. These are really really really good tips, but oh man do i find it hard to get out of my pjs. Most of the time I will change out of them once I wake up and just put different ones on if I am staying inside all day 😂 terrible I know

    Lon x

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  5. I definitely need to try out some of these tips to make better use of my free time. I sometimes get caught up with social media and can spend hours on my phone without even realising!

    Maya x


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