Is Green Tea Really Good For You?

I’m sure you’ve heard multiple people say it before, but green tea is one of the healthiest drinks around. It has multiple powerful antioxidants and nutrients that have amazing effects on the human body – such as improving brain function, increasing your metabolic rate, and even lowering your risk of multiple diseases.

I’ve been hooked on drinking green tea for a good 6 months now, I’m so glad I discovered it. It always helps to wake me up, start my metabolism, and get going for the productive day ahead. I’ve done my fair share of looking into whether green tea is actually as healthy as claimed, and I think after plenty of research and trying it out myself, I can answer, that yes, it is. I’ve tried to condense my research into 5 key health benefits for you.

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Green tea is know to have multiple bioactive compounds and powerful antioxidants like flavonoids and catechins which protect the cells within your body from damage. These powerful antioxidants are also known to help reduce the signs of aging, which I’m sure everyone wants to put off for as long as possible.


Green tea contains caffeine, which I wasn’t aware of until I began researching it. Being someone who hates coffee, finding another way to try and get some caffeine in me to wake me up was always hard, until I found green tea. Although green tea doesn’t contain as much caffeine as coffee, it contains just the right amount to have an effect, but not make you jittery. Not only this, but it contains essential amino acids, that are proven to improve brain function.


Green tea is well known for helping to boost your metabolic rate, eventually leading to helping you to lose weight. Although this does depend on the person, as metabolism is different for everyone. It is also known for particularly helping to shift fat from around the abdomen.


Its powerful little antioxidants are also known to help reduce the risks of various diseases, including cardiovascular disease, heart disease and also stroke. This is due to it helping to lower cholesterol and protecting LDL from oxidation, which is the leading cause of heart disease.


Green tea helps to kill of bacteria, which essentially leads to your risk of infection being greatly lowered. I’m not saying that green tea is a miracle worker and you’ll never be ill again, but your chances are lowered dramatically!

I could go on about the benefits of green tea forever, but I wont because I’m sure you will all get bored! Basically everyone needs to drink green tea and we’ll all live-forever, that’s the gist I get!

All my love,

Han xx

19 thoughts on “Is Green Tea Really Good For You?

  1. Tea sounds lovely! And I actually drank tea when I was pregnant, it was my obsession for some reason 😀 now I’m thankfully back to my old coffee habits as I can’t stand the taste of tea anymore 😀

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  2. It’s weird I’ve never had a love for tea or coffe for that matter but it’s always been the one thing I wish I had! The benefits sound amazing but even just to say yes when someone offered me a cuppa would be nice!
    Maya x

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