How To Organically Grow Your Following

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With more and more people joining social media everyday to promote themselves, it’s very easy to get lost within these platforms. Trying to organically grow your following is a very hard task, particularly with new algorithms, and social media users going up and up every day. I thought that I would share with you some of my top tips for organically growing your following. Admittedly it does take time and patience and I’m no where near my goals, but I’ve found some ways that really do work when it comes to developing your following.


One of the quickest and reliable ways to organically grow your following is to regularly post. People tend to follow other people if they are posting regular content to their social media platforms, and the more you put yourself out there, the quicker your following will grow.


When I started to engage and chat to my followers, my following across all social media platforms skyrocketed. It just goes to show that if you take the time to interact with the people within your community, that they will make the effort with you in return.


If you’re looking to use social media to promote yourself, whether that be for your own business, blogging or YouTube, you’re going to want to post on more than one platform. Also use your following to your advantage, for example if you have the most following on your twitter, use your twitter to direct people to your other social media platforms/websites, it’s a great way to push traffic towards your business or blog.


Find out what your followers interact with most, and what works best for you. For example I find that when I do more lifestyle orientated blog posts, those are the days when I receive the most traffic and interaction. Whereas for my Instagram, outfit posts and food posts gain me the most followers and interaction.


By setting yourself goals, you will work hard to achieve them, this is the perfect way for you to organically gain your following, as it is and incentive to post across your platforms and engage with your community.

Hopefully this has been a helpful post for those of you looking to promote yourself and grow your social media following. These tips have helped me to grow a social media following of over 4000 within 2 months, I hope they work for you to!

All my love,

Han xx

38 thoughts on “How To Organically Grow Your Following

  1. Wonderful tips! I think consistency is the key & engaging with your followers and others. It’s hard nowadays but we’ll get there 🙂

    ~ Jasmin N

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  2. I think these are some really amazing tips and engaging with your followers is one of the best things that you can do x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

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