How To Get Your Dream Abs


Being part of the fitness community, a phrase that is constantly thrown around is ‘are abs made in the kitchen’, with it constantly being asked I thought I would explore the question and answer it. So are abs made in the kitchen? Speaking from personal experience, yes they are!

I’ve always been very body conscious, always paranoid that my body wasn’t perfect (in society’s eyes), something that I had always wanted were rock hard abs, but for many years struggled to get any definition around my stomach, and constantly wondered why, the answer was my diet.

I regularly took part in exercise, also did a lot of core strengthening exercises, but when I wasn’t seeing any results, I began to question myself why, I thought I was doing everything right. But no, after taking up running last year, and properly getting into fitness, I found out that in order to get these rock hard slab abs that I wanted, I was going to have to change up my diet. I started to train doing cardio religiously 4 times a week, whilst throwing in strengthening exercises at leas 3 times a week also. I started to make healthier choices, cut out unhealthy fats, and unnecessary sugar, eating cleaner, fresh food, then long and behold, I finally started to get that definition I had been craving for so long. Maintaining a healthy balanced diet is key when it comes to toning up and losing weight, notice the word balanced, its okay to indulge sometimes, just as long as the majority of the time you are eating a healthy diet; I’d also like to add cutting out particular food groups will do no good for your figure, no matter the wonders you’ve heard they work. You’re body needs carbs and fats just as much as it needs the healthy stuff, just in smaller quantities, so there is no need to cut food groups out entirely, it’ll do more damage than good.



Abs are 100% made in the kitchen, as is any diet to be honest. You can’t expect to go to the gym 4 times a week, still eat like rubbish and expect to be ripped; unfortunately that’s not how it works. Exercise and dieting go hand in hand together, if you have a healthy diet alongside regular exercise this is when you will notice the biggest difference. You want to have a diet made up of carbohydrates, fruit & veg, protein, healthy fats and a small amount of sugar, its important to get in all of the food groups for optimum results.


This is one of my most important tips. If you’ve been spending hours trying to get abs just through ab workouts and its just not working in your favor, that’s because you aren’t mixing it up with cardio. In order for the strength training aspect to work you need to be throwing in some cardio within your workouts as well; as this is what will help to burn fat, the strength training is what will build the muscle and tone you up.


Again this goes for any weightloss diet. You’re tired of hearing it, I know, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, its what starts up your metabolism, and sets it up for the day. By not skipping meals, you are forcing your metabolism to be constantly active, essentially making it work a lot faster, and a faster metabolic rate, means that you will be burning off food quicker.


I’m not talking about cutting out booze completely, just cutting back, everything in moderation. Alcohol, especially beer and cocktails aren’t going to do your abs any justice so cutting down on them will work wonders. Also, water should be your best friend. Water is the key to any good diet, keeping hydrated has so many benefits, along with helping food to digest, it also helps reduce bloating.


We’ve all heard that term, go hard or go home, right? When it comes to the gym, that’s when this phrase should be put into practice. I know all too many girls that will go along to the gym, spend 10 minutes on the cross trainer, then 20 minutes doing 10 reps of 5kg, then spend more time trying to take the perfect Instagram picture thank they do training. Don’t be that person. Go to the gym to train hard, personally I’m not a massive gym lover, I’m a runner, and I go hard when I train. Believe me you will feel so much better for training harder than you will if you only do the workout half arced.

Abs take time, its not an overnight process, and I’m still miles from where I want to be, but following these tips, and improving your diet, I can assure you will have you well on the way to getting those dream abs.

All my love,

Han xx

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