Choosing Your Perfect University

September is an exceptionally busy time of year for most people, students embarking on their new adventures, whether that be a new academic year at school/college, or for those starting university – an entirely new chapter in their lives. With all these exciting things happening, there is also a new set of students trying to find the perfect university for them; I know how hard this is, and this post is dedicated to those of you, it’s a post that I wish I had seen while I was spending countless hours trying to decide where was perfect for me.



I don’t need to tell you this, but there are thousands and thousands of universities globally. Once you know what course you’re thinking of studying, or even just the area you’re looking of going into, start to research into as many universities as you can. Find out as much information as possible, about the university itself, also the course and your faculty. I found it very helpful to note down all of the key points from each university.


They’re there for a reason, to help you deicide which university is perfect for you, so go along and take full advantage of them. I can’t stress how important open days are. They allow you to see the university in what may be a completely different light, seeing it in the flesh can be very helpful when it comes to narrowing your list down.


When you go to the open days, don’t be afraid to talk to other students and ask them questions about their experience at the university. They will be the best people at answering all of your questions as they have gone through the university experience themselves.


By this I mean take a wander around the city/town in which your university is located. This was so helpful for me, as it allowed me to see whether I could genuinely see myself living in the city or not. For example, once going to the Birmingham City open day, I took a wander round the city, and instantly knew I didn’t belong there. You want to attend somewhere that you feel at home (away from home), which is precisely why I chose De Montfort, I knew that as soon as I stepped into the city I could make myself at home, very quickly.


Much like the students that you will find at open days, your college lecturers have also been through the university experience too, chances are they’ve all been to different places as well. They will be able to guide you in the right direction, and help you to find the best university suited to your interests.

Choosing your university is a crucial time for new students, after all it is a big decision, you don’t want to spend the next 3 years (sometimes even more) at somewhere that you will be unhappy. Make sure you base you decisions on what feels right for you, and not someone else. Its important to not let people like your parents or friends hinder your decisions, remember its you, going to university, not them!

All my love,

Han xx

15 thoughts on “Choosing Your Perfect University

  1. I think these are some great tips. I actually attended my university as a last resort because I hated my top choices after bad intended and rude staff! I ended up having the best three years at Northampton x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿


  2. I definitely think location is important! I wanted somewhere not too far away from home but far enough for me to live somewhere new and I really wanted to live in a city; I think York was the perfect choice for me 🙂
    Sarah x

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  3. This is really sound advice – uni is such a big decision, you need to take your time over it! Saying that, I swapped university after my first year because it just wasn’t the right course or environment for me after all and ended up doing a course I loved at a uni I loved so if it doesn’t work out at first don’t be afraid of making a change. It was the best thing I ever did.
    Anna xx

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