How I Deal With Anxiety

Like millions of other people worldwide, I suffer with General Anxiety Disorder and Mild Depression. I’ve suffered with my mental health for a while now, if you want to hear more about my mental health story feel free to check out my YouTube video: HERE.

There are many different ways that people deal with anxiety and depression and I thought that I would share with you some of the ways that I do so. Over the past year and a half I have tried many different methods that claim to help these intrusive thoughts, with some being more successful than others. But after much experimentation, here are my top 5 tips for dealing with anxiety and depression.



It is proven that people who partake in regular exercise benefit from a positive improvement of mood and their rates of depressive moods are dramatically lowered. This is because when we exercise our bodies release chemicals called endorphins, which are basically feel good chemicals, they trigger a positive feeling in the body. This is precisely why I took up running. Running is a way of me escaping from my own thoughts, and is also a way of me stopping myself getting into a bad state of anxious and depressive thoughts. It doesn’t have to be running, it can literally be any sport, even just getting yourself out of the house for a brisk walk will benefit you, you will feel loads better for it.


When dealing with my anxiety I try and find, as many different things to do that will take my mind of things, a good book is the perfect way to do this. I am a sucker for murder mystery and crime books, so when I am feeling anxious or depressed reading a good book really helps to take my mind of things and sort of switch off from my surroundings for a short while.


Ironically I find that my best pieces of artwork are created when I am most anxious. One of my favorite ways to think of other things other than my anxiety is to draw, I find it very freeing to just pick up my pencils and create something new.


When I first began suffering with my mental health I had a tendency to just shut myself away from people, and even my family. I would just sit in my room feeling sorry for myself, but as soon as I started to force myself to go downstairs and even just sit downstairs with my family instead of on my own, I would start to feel so much less anxious. Also remember not to turn down social opportunities due to your anxieties, I know that this can be incredibly hard, but by challenging your anxieties, this is how you will overcome them, you will also feel a massive sense of achievement from pushing the boundaries.


Okay hear me out on this one, so I find that to sometimes ease my anxiety I like to organize/tidy sections of my room, I think its just another way for me to take my mind of things, but I am also a bit of a neat freak, so I do get some sort of sense of achievement from re-organizing and tidying.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and it is just as important to find things to help improve your mental health, as it is to keep your physical health in shape. If your suffering with anxiety, depression, OCD or any other mental health illnesses, seek help, find ways to combat these thoughts and don’t give up.

All my love,

Han xx

27 thoughts on “How I Deal With Anxiety

  1. I have generalised anxiety disorder too and was diagnosed in 2012. Back then, there wasn’t much – if anything – that helped because it was so bad, some days I was confined to my bed and literally too anxious and scared to get up. But I’m much, much better now after having private counselling and just doing whatever I can to make myself better. I took up yoga at home – which helped loads. Researched and read up about anxiety and educated myself on what it’s all about. That helped so much because now if, for example, I’m in a shop and I start to feel a bit hot and clammy and heart racy I say to myself “it’s just anxiety” and carry on. Tidying up and having a tidy “space” is also crucial xx

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    1. I’m so glad that you have found things that really help your anxiety, its hard, but its possible to get through it. I’ve heard great things about yoga, when I get to university, there is a class which is called PiYo, which mixed Pilates and Yoga together – I really want to give that a go and see if it helps me to relax! x


  2. I use a lot of these too! Exercise is definitely my main help, then nothing beats a good book after that. I do a lot of breathing and mindfulness exercises too to help me stay calm in stressful situations.

    Anna xx

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  3. I love these tips I don’t struggle with anxiety but I do with depression and I found that art has always helped me. I also find exercising helps me too x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿


  4. I find drawing and writing are my perfect escapes; anything to take my mind away from the stress and calm myself down:-) Such a lovely post Han!
    Sarah x

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  5. Another wonderful and honest post about your anxiety – well done you! Having come off medication for it, I’m now trying to battle my anxiety with exercise too… It’s helping but it’s an uphill struggle for sure. I love the soothingness (not sure if that’s a word!) of drawing too, its amazing how much it takes you out of your own head isn’t it?

    I also totally agree with you that tidying is so calming – sometimes you just need to be able to do a task and then you can totally sit in the comfort of a lovely tidy room!

    Kate x

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  6. i don’t personally suffer with my mental health but i find that a lot of the things you do help when i’m stressed or down. Going for a run is my go to it just clears my mind! X


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