August Favorites

I love reading through favourites posts as they are always full of products calling my name to try out, but being on a student budget, I don’t often get the chance to try a tonne of new products a month. Despite this I thought I would try my hand at compiling a list of things that I have been loving through the month of August, and who knows, if it goes well this may become a monthly feature.


Beauty Favourites 

I always struggle to find new make up that I want to test out, but when it comes to skincare theres always plenty for me to experiment with. This month I came across 2 face masks that I absolutely love. The first one being the L’Oreal Detox Clay mask, which is perfect for if your pores are feeling clogged. I always love using this on the days that I have worked a late shift, as thats often when I feel my skin needs to be scrubbed of all the impurities. The second mask is the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb, which is an absolute god send if ever your skin is feeling tight and dehydrated. I had seen masks like this floating around on the internet for a while now, so when I saw that Garnier had bought one out I was itching to get my hands on it. It’s the perfect mask for people with dry skin, not only did I find that my skin felt hydrated, but it also felt incredibly smooth after I had used it. If you have dry and sensitive skin, this mask is for you, plus its also quite comical to walk around the house wearing.


Reading Favourites 

I’m hoping that this monthly favourites thing becomes a regular occurrence as it will encourage me to read a lot more, if I know I need to have some favourites by the end of the month! If your like me and a complete sucker for murder mystery/crime investigation books, then I highly recommend you give both of these books a go. The Dry by Jane Harper, and Stalker by Lars Kepler are 2 incredibly captivating murder mystery books, that had me so hoocked I could hardly put them down. The Dry has one of the most unexpected turns towards the end, which in a way I loved yet hated, because there were no clues throughout the book of what was to come. Stalker had me hooked within the first 10 pages, its such an easy read, and incredibly hard to put down.


Food Favourites

Like any British person, I love my tea, I drink countless cups a day, mainly because I’m clod 24/7 (even in summer) and tea does the perfect job at warming me up. Normally, I just go for the classic English breakfast tea, but recently, I have been trying out Green Tea, and I bloomin’ love it. Twinings are my current go to brand, as they have a new range of green teas, which slowly, I’m working my way through. So far I have tried the salted caramel and the cherry bakewell, with my favourite definitely being the salted caramel one. I was always so quick to knock herbal teas, but I’m now officially a convert and can’t start my day off without one.


 Miscellaneous  Favorites  

This favourite didn’t really have a category, but I’ve recently been stocking up on stationary in preparation for starting university. Sainsburys, surprisingly have been perfect in providing me with stationary that not only helps to keep me organised, but also looks super pretty. I’m a sucker for keeping lists to make sure that I get everything done, so when I came across this baby pink diary, with a day per page, I just knew I had to have it. Absolutely perfect for people like me that keep stupidly organised.

I hope that I’ve somewhat done a half decent favourites post here, I’m sure that with practise I’ll get to grips with them better.

All my love,

Han xx

13 thoughts on “August Favorites

  1. This is a great favourites post! I love how you’ve split this up into categories – I’m a massive fan of green tea especially in the colder months x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

    Liked by 1 person

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