18 Things I Learnt In 18 Years


As you’re reading this, I’ve just turned 18, the last out of all my friends to become an official adult (although I don’t feel it). Although I’m still young, I’d like to think that in my mere 18 years on this little planet, I’ve learnt my fair share of life lessons. So grab yourself a cuppa, I have a feeling this is going to be a long one.

  • Make time for yourself and your mental health. It’s okay to feel down and anxious, once you realise this, dealing with your mental health issues becomes a lot easier. It also becomes a lot easier to talk to people and get the help that you need.
  • No one is ugly – stop scrutinizing yourself. Like many other teenagers, I’m guilty of picking out all my flaws and seeing the worst in myself. Once you begin to accept your flaws you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, you’ll also begin to realise that they were never actually flaws.
  • Be kind always. It costs nothing to be kind, treat people how you would want to be treated and don’t go purposely out of your way to make people unhappy. Not everyone is as kind as you, but find these people and avoid them where possible.
  • Always take pictures. We live in a generation where capturing the moment that your in is so easily done, therefore I think we should take full advantage of this; capture memories at any given moment, cherish them, and look back on them in years to come.
  • Always be honest. I’ve never understood people that lie, it’s a foreign prospect to me as I was bought up to always tell the truth. The people that do lie will always get caught out, I can promise you that.
  • Don’t turn down opportunities because of your anxieties. I’ve turned down too many social opportunities due to my anxieties, and I wish I hadn’t, take very opportunity that comes your way and conquer your anxieties.
  • Patience is key, goals take time. Work hard and you’ll always achieve your goals. You won’t achieve your goals over night, but the harder you work of them; the quicker they will come to you. It’s okay to take longer than others to reach your goals, its not a race, take your time.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up and stand your ground. As much as I am a believer that you should avoid confrontation where possible, if its something you feel strongly about, make sure people know about it and speak up for what you believe in.
  • Someone will always be out to put you down. Unfortunately wherever you go in life, their will always be someone trying to dull your sparkle, don’t let their negativity affect you, rise above it.
  • Make time for the important people. Over time you’ll learn which people are worth making time for and the ones that aren’t. Life is short, you’ll regret not making time for the people that are worth it.
  • There is always light at the end of the tunnel. I know what it feels like to think that things are never going to get better, but they will. At the beginning of this year I thought I would never get over my depression and anxiety, yet here I am 9 months on, steadily making progress everyday.
  • Stop being so concerned about what other people think of you. Once you stop caring about what other people think of you, you will instantly become a lot happier, it’s a very freeing feeling.
  • Don’t cover up your insecurities. For me this was my freckles, I have a face full of freckles, its something that I always used to try and hide. I’ve learnt to accept them, and kind of love them now.
  • Stop living your life by a time schedule. I’m guilty of this. I like to stick to a strict timetable for my day, it eases my anxiety, but it’s not a healthy lifestyle. Live in the moment, so what if you don’t meet a deadline, or don’t do something at the same time of day you normally would, life goes on.
  • Jealousy is a horrible trait. Like I mentioned previously, no one is physically ugly, but this doesn’t stop people from having ugly personalities, jealousy contributes to an ugly personality. Let others know you’re proud of their achievements, don’t tear them down.
  • Some of your best memories will be made at concerts and festivals. Nothing beats dancing in field with your friends, sharing a bottle of your favorite drink, and enjoying some class music. Festivals also teach you to be accepting of anyone and every one.
  • Find your passion; make your dreams a reality. Finding where your passion lies may be hard, but once you’ve found it, work hard for your goals, run with your passion.
  • Go on adventures, and never lose your inner child. I hope to be in my late 20’s and still going on spontaneous adventures creating new memoires that I’ll cherish forever.

Here’s to the next 18 years,

All my love,

Han xx

11 thoughts on “18 Things I Learnt In 18 Years

  1. Happy birthday!! You’re wise beyond your years haha. With jealousy often people become jealous because they are missing something important. No one likes the green eyes monster but try and empathise and consider what is really motivating them to act this way. You may end up making a new friend!

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