The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide


It’s that time of year again where all the major festivals are well and truly underway, we’ve so far had Glastonbury (which looked incredible), and Radio 1’s Big Weekend to kick start them all off. Last year I was lucky enough to attend V-Festival with my best friend; I can hands down say that it was one of the best weekends of my life, and I am gutted not to be going back this year. I thought now would be the perfect time to share some little pearls of wisdom with all you festival goers that may never have attended a festival before.

Disposal Food Bags are Your Best Friend (as are baby wipes)

Disposable food bags come in handy at times when you least expect them to, for example when I was brushing my teeth at either end of the day, I hated the idea of just spitting onto the ground (like most normal people did), it was then that the food bags came to my rescue! Also perfect for any clothes that get muddy and dirty along the way, because lets face it, nothing stays clean at a British festival. Baby wipes are your savior; not being able to shower for 3 days was made slightly more bearable by being able to wipe the grime off at the end of the day.

Stay Hydrated and Remember to Eat

I feel like this is one of my most important tips, and I learnt about this one the hard way! On the Sunday of V-Fest, I was enjoying myself so much that I forgot to drink water and also, eat. I later paid the price for that, when I passed out half way through Rihannas’ set; believe me when I say, that was not fun in the slightest. It’s so important that you make sure you remember to eat, and drink plenty of fluids as well, especially if you’re drinking alcoholic drinks!

Take a Pop Up Tent

Honestly, you do NOT want to get to a festival and spend hours putting up a tent, which is precisely why I invested in a pop up tent. They are perfect if there is only a small group of you going, as soon as you arrive you open up the bag, bang in the pegs and you’re all good to go. I can also guarantee that you’ll have a good laugh when trying to take it down, hungover on the Monday morning.

Only Take What You Need

Any first time festival goers will always over pack, I’m guilty of this, (you don’t need 4 different pairs of shoes, honestly), I took a massive travel back pack and I recon I only ended up using the stuff on the top. Only pack what you absolutely need, a few outfits, toiletries, drinks, snacks and money are the most essential.

Make Friends with Everyone and Be Carefree

Most of the people at festivals are all there for the same reason, the music, so you all have at least one thing in common, whether it’s the same type of music doesn’t really matter, it’s a good conversation starter and perfect way to make friends, (pro tip: make friends with your neighbours, you’ll have so much more fun, and you’ll also all look out for each other if need be). I do think one of the most important things though, is to make sure you’re comfortable and you enjoy yourself; let yourself go and I can promise you’ll have the time of your life.



19 thoughts on “The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide

  1. These are some amazing tips! I definetely agree it’s so so important to stay hydrated when at a festival especially when it’s hot and pop up tent is a must x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿


  2. Such a great post Han! I went to Community Festival just last month but no camping was involved which was great. Maybe a festival next year will though so I’ll definitely bear this all in mind:-)!
    Sarah x


  3. I’ve never been to a festival so I’d definitely do everything wrong that could possibly be done wrong, and I’m thinking of finding some cool festivals to go to next year (bucket list!!) so this guide is gonna come in so handy 😂 amazing tips and tricks!x


  4. Such an insightful post – and some great tips! I’ve always wanted to go to a festival but camping always seems like such a pain, I never through to take a pop up tent instead! 🙂

    Ashley |


  5. I’ve only ever been to one festival but I definitely wish I had of read something like this before hand. The baby wipes and pop-up tent were very needed as it was just so hot! This is an extremely helpful post:)


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