Autumn/Winter Bucket List 2018

After the hottest summer on record, the weather is finally starting to take a slightly cooler turn – which I’m not too happy about as I love summer and hot weather. But in light of keeping positive and making the most of the colder months, I’ve complied some things that I can’t wait to do throughout autumn and winter (mainly to try and get me somewhat excited for the colder weather; incase you couldn’t tell, I’m not).


  1. Ice Skating. I absolutely love ice skating and its the one thing that I wish I had picked up as a child. I’m so in awe of anyone who can figure skate, but unfortunately there isn’t an ice rink near me to even attempt to learn. So I just stick to going to the little pop up ice rinks in either Brighton or Leicester and spending most of the hour slot looking like Bambi on ice – it’s quite amusing to watch, I always have such a laugh when I go with my friends or family.
  2. Pumpkin carving. This is something that will forever remind me of being a child. I can’t say that I am the best at carving pumpkins because I’m slightly very cack handed. Although, that being said, I won the pumpkin carving competition between my flat mates last year; is that an acceptable achievement for the CV?
  3. Long walks. On the days that I’m not training, I still like to get out and get active normally by going for long walks, but I enjoy these all the more in winter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m much more of a summer lover, but when it comes to exercising in either 20 degree heat, or 8 degrees, I know which one I’d rather. I also love the colours around me during autumn, which is much more appreciated when I get myself out for walks.IMG_0077
  4. Christmas movies. I normally hate sitting down and watching movies, I get very easily distracted, that or either I fall asleep. But Christmas movies are my absolute fave and I cannot wait to snuggle up in my duvet with a hot chocolate and watch Christmas with the Kranks for the 74362648th time! Lowkey not even ashamed that I could probably recite that film word for word.
  5. Bonfire night. This is an odd one for me, because anyone who knows me will know that I am absolutely petrified of loud noises – like I won’t even be in the same room as a balloon, still cover my ears when sirens go past, that kind of scared. So I have never properly been to a fireworks display; you can guess that probably would be my worst nightmare. But when I attended truck festival a couple of months ago, The Courteeners finished their set with fireworks – with them being my favourite band I straight up refused to cover my ears and panic, and just embrace it. Therefore I’m absolutely buzzing to test my fear again and go to a firework display in November! IMG_0346
  6. Decorating. I have to be careful when it comes to decorating in my flat, because the rules of halls tend to be quite strict, but I am so excited to get some taky af tinsel, drape it all around the living room and kitchen while I have Mariah Cary on full blast and force the festivities onto my flatmates. I’m sure they’ll all love me.
  7. Christmas markets. I absolutely love Christmas time, and Christmas markets are some of my favourite things to go to. I went to one in Lincoln with my friends last year and it was so cute, I had the time of my life. But this year I want to try and go to some more, I’ve heard that the ones in Birmingham are always good, but if any of you have any suggestions about good Christmas markets, be sure to tell me! IMG_0593

I’m desperately trying to get myself somewhat excited for the colder months, but its proving a struggle, I’m just hoping this list of things will keep me going! What are you most excited about for autumn/winter?!

All my love,

Han xx



The One Where We Went To Friends Fest


Some know it as Friends Fest, some know it as a day where I spent the entirety of it quoting different scenes and probably annoying quite a few people, sorry not sorry.

Friends Fest, if you haven’t heard of it (have you been living under a rock), is basically massive outdoor convention for die hard Friends fans. And anyone that knows me, will know I fit into that category very well, so of course I jumped at the chance when my Mum offered to take me with her!


I wanted to create a little post about my day at the convention, mainly because I have about a million and one photos from the day of me posing awkwardly with iconic props – and as much as I love Instagram, I’m not sure my followers would appreciate me posting a different Friends Fest picture everyday for the rest of the year! I also vlogged the whole day, so feel free to check that out also!

In all honesty I had no clue what to expect from Friends Fest, I had just seen pictures of it, and knew that it was something I needed to do, so when Mum and I found out that it was coming to Brighton, It would have been a missed opportunity to turn it down as it was right on our door step. Despite me not really knowing what to expect, the whole day was absolutely brilliant and I couldn’t recommend it enough to anyone who loves a bit of Friends!

I didn’t know until I arrived that it was an entirely outdoor convention, so Mum and I were incredibly lucky that the weather was on out side during our visit because I don’t think posing for photos in the rain would have been much fun. Friends Fest has all of the iconic set ups for you to wander round and if you’re like me, fan girl over. So we of course wandered round all of the photo opportunities, with me smiling like a mad woman in 90% of them because I’m so happy. This may sound so stupid, but when you’ve watched the show for as long as I have it’s so odd to see the set in real life – it also seemed so much bigger?! Either that or I’m just tiny, who knows.

After taking hundreds of pictures, we made our first quick pit food stop. There were an array of food stalls at the festival, all Friends related of course. We had Phoebe’s Veggie Van (perfect for all my fellow veggies), and a Joey’s Pizza Van, alongside some other american-esc food stalls. As much as I wanted to try out Phoebes’ Falafel Salad, it would be rude of me not to try Joeys Pizza, as we all know how iconic that is! So that was my lunch sorted, classic margarita, and let me tell you, it was the best slice of pizza I have ever tried – and I have tried a lot of pizza. Also not to mention it was pretty much the size of my face!!! What more could a girl want.

Of course it would be rude not to take a trip into Central Perk and grab a coffee (or in my case a hot chocolate because I still have the tastebuds of a 5 year old). It literally felt like I was in an episode of Friends at this point, sat in Central Perk, hot chocolate in hand, and a Phoebe impersonator sat at the front singing all other iconic songs, Smelly Cat being my personal fav. I have to say the atmosphere of the cafe was brilliant, they really did make you feel like you were living in a friends dream. I also got to sit on the iconic orange sofa, which again is massive, but I suppose when you have to fit 6 people on there, it must be big!

Whilst we waited for our tour we also grabbed a cheeky Friends themed cocktail, which was not only delicious, but very strong, it doesn’t take much for my legs to go a bit jellyish, and this took me halfway there. I had the time of my life sat in a massive field, in front of a big screed with continuous Friends Episodes playing on it, sipping a Chan Chan Man cocktail, if you know, you know!

Then lastly to round off our fun filled Friends experience (wow thats a mouthful), we had our set tour, which was what I was most excited about! We got to see the exact replicas of all 3 flats, sit in Joey and Chandlers iconic chairs, look at Phoebes real guitar, sit in Monica’s pristine kitchen and look at all of Ross’s palaeontology stuff. About to sound very stupid again, but it looked so real! (Well duh, it was the actual set). But when you watch it on telly then see it in real life its so cool! It was amazing, I didn’t get too many pictures of the actual set, so if this is something you are wanting to see, head over to my YouTube channel and take a look at the vlog, because that’s in there!

Of course a trip to Friends Fest wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the gift shop, where I spent far too much money on merch – consisting of a Friends Fest Tour T-Shirt, a replica of Huggsy to sit on my uni bed, a tote bag and a key ring – I need to learn the art of self control because I have none when it comes to shopping, particularly if its Friends Themed!

Overall I had such a fab day, and thank you to my Mum for brining me along with her and putting up with me constantly saying ‘ooo quick get a picture of me’ every 5 minutes! If you are a lover of Friends I couldn’t recommend this day enough, as far as I’m aware it’s nearly over for this year, but I think it is a yearly thing, so definitely get tickets; I know I’ll be going again next year!

All my love,

Han xx

Devon Travel Diaries: Take Two

My hair has never been so knotty, I’ve got a cold, and we’ve just had to put the heating on, in August – welcome to British summer time. Quick update to let you all know I’m still alive, haven’t froze to death…yet.


I’d wrote my previous post at the end of last week in hope that the weather would make a bit of an improvement, I was wrong, I’m currently sat writing this tucked up in a blanket, while listening to the sound of rain on the windows.

Aside from lots, and I mean lots, of walking this week, we have ventured out and had a few adventures too. We did have one very warm day this week – shorts weather. Which we made the most of, visiting Ilfracombe and drinking cider on a roof top pub garden. A lovely little village just outside of where we’re staying. Blue skies, and everything, felt almost tropical. Also tried my first pasty, only taken me 19 years. I underestimated how hard it would be to find a vegetarian pasty that I liked the sound of (being a very fussy eater, this was a hard task), but long and behold, Ilfracombe, had just what I needed, and shock, I actually enjoyed it!!!

Yesterday Mum, Dad and I trekked up to Mothoe, which is up the top of a massive hill, which even I struggled to walk up and I’m used to frequent hill training sessions with my running. Of course we rewarded ourselves with coffee at the top of the hill, would be rude not to. Annddd then of course and pint at the bottom of the hill, again, would be rude not to.

I have to say even though all five of us have come down with colds, I’ve had a lovely getaway so far. I’ve enjoyed not having to get up at 5AM for work meaning I actually have some energy left come 4PM, and I’ve loved just being able to chill out, something that I won’t deny, I’m normally pretty terrible at. Being a sufferer of anxiety and depression, I like my routine, so get up, go to work, train, then spend my evenings with friends or doing something creative. So the first few days, it was particularly hard for me to adjust to not having a routine, my head was all over the place and truth be told I felt awful. I then felt bad for feeling like this on holiday; consequently beating myself up about it, rather than just accepting that I feel like shit. Still, after a couple of days I began to adjust and I’m now kind of getting used to it…


I’m sure they’ll be another one of these before I go – one with birthday celebrations included (it’s my 19th on Wednesday!!!)

All my love,

Han xx

First Year University Experience

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 14.55.14

Apparently I’ve just finished my first year at university? I say apparently because I have no idea where those 9 months have gone, they have quite literally flown by. I didn’t really get off to the best start at university, don’t get me wrong, the first 3 months were amazing, but upon returning after the Christmas break it just went to absolute shambles. I missed home, my mental health was awful and I was just unhappy. Having said this, I’m in a much better place now, a few more months down the line, and I’m bloody excited for second year, I cannot tell you.

Here’s what my first year at university was like…it was an interesting one that’s for sure.

Halls – Halls are both the best and worse places to live. You’ll attend some of the best flat parties ever, and meet some of the best people, that’s the good part. The trouble started when people didn’t clean up after themselves and started taking my food. To be fair my flat mates weren’t terrible, but I’m pretty sure I was the only one that even touched the hoover the entire time we were living there, I must have been the only one that knew how to use a disinfectant wipe for the kitchen as well… Another thing that I never thought I’d have to deal with is someone taking my food, to be fair it was only tea and ketchup of mine that went walk abouts, but still, am not one for sharing any food, particularly my tea.

Money – Money wasn’t too big of a concern to me, as I had worked very hard the summer previous to save up enough to get me through it. What I wasn’t best pleased with is that I got the smallest amount of student loan, how any student is meant to live on that is beyond me. But I mustered through nonetheless, next year I plan on not being so protective over it, just spend it and enjoy myself, after all university will only happen once for me – I don’t want to look back on it and think, oh I wish I hadn’t been so tight and gone out more.

Freshers Week – I was the unfortunate one that got struck down with freshers flu within the first 4 days of moving in, so I only really enjoyed the first week. Freshers was an interesting one for me because I don’t drink a lot, I was always the one that people would come to in the morning to ask how much they had ruined their lives the night previous thanks to one too many cocktails.

Lectures – I absolutely loved my lectures, I think I may be the only student to ever say that? So I study Textile Design which is of course very practical, therefore it was always nice to have a lecture once or twice a week to shake things up. I struggled with sitting still for so long when I first joined, but I soon got used to it.

Friends – I have made some of the best friends at university, who I will definitely have for life. Like anything in life you’re never going to get along with everyone and this became apparent to me within the first couple of months, but this didn’t matter as long as I had my little group. Making friends I didn’t struggle with too much, I think this was down to me just faking my confidence and talking to literally everyone, had I not done this I’m sure it would have been a much different story.

My first year could have gone a lot better, but overall it was a massive learning curve, I now definitely know what I would/will be doing differently come September!

Any of you who have been to university, what was your first year experience like? This always interests me!

All my love,




I think the correct way to start this post off is quoting the famous Joey Tribiani with – ‘LONDON BABY’; if you know what episode I’m referring too you’ve instantly just gone up in my estimations.


It’s not often I get the chance to head into London, mainly just through having a fairly busy schedule, that and the fact it costs and absolute bomb to get up there for me…£40 for a return on the train hahahahah Southern Rail, are you joking hun? Anyway that aside I recently headed to London for the day with my parents to celebrate my Mums’ 50th birthday – can we all just admire the fact she doesn’t look 50 at all, bloody hope I’ve inherited the good ageing genetics…


The main reason we popped into London for the day was to visit the Royal Academy of Arts, for their 250th Summer Exhibition. So me being a typical art hoe, I was completely in my element. If you find art boring or it isn’t really your cup of tea, first of all – are u ok??? Secondly, I suggest you read no further, because this is going to be your typical arty farty post of me gawping over some incredible art works.

Having specialised in art/textiles for the past 3 years, and with the intention of pursing it as a career I’m a lover or art galleries and exhibitions. I’m lucky to have very artistic parents, one of them being a graphic designer, and the other just being very good with a set of pencils, I grew up looking around various galleries in London. Granted the first time my Dad took my to an art gallery I was far too young to appreciate it and was probably being a little shit complaining at how bored I was. Luckily, I now can’t get enough of them. I could happily spend all of my spare time walking around art galleries, I really do just go off into my own little world and it’s a very calming experience.

Since specialising I’ve found my style, which is very bold, contemporary and free – the RA  Exhibition exhibited plenty of this sort of style, I was completely in awe of some of the pieces, not to mention how much I was taken aback by their price tags. The painting of the Adidas trainers; £144,000…crazy! I mean, I know art work is expensive, but this really took me by surprise. The exhibition really did have something for everyone, I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t enjoy it. It had everything from contemporary paintings, to mixed media art works, and even architectural pieces.

As I am studying Textiles at university, any time I can get to an exhibition I generally do as I find these really help fuel my creative spark. If I have a bit of a creative artists block, I can guarantee that I’ll leave feeling inspired and with a million and one ideas, this proved when I left the Summer Exhibition. I left feeling inspired, excited and with an abundance of new project and art work ideas, it was a successful trip!

RA Summer Exhibition…A Brief Background 

2018 is a historic year for the RA as it is their foundations 250th birthday. The main objective of the academy being to establish a fine art school funded from the proceeds made at the annual summer exhibition – this year the exhibition being co-ordinated by the one and only Grayson Perry, who if you’ve never heard of before…search him up, please, you won’t regret it. The summer exhibition is a unique one, exhibiting art works from both the general public and also members of the artists trade union all under one roof. I cannot rate this exhibition enough, if you get the chance to go into London and have a look I really would, I loved it so much I’m half tempted to go again just so I can properly appreciate all of the art works.

Once we had wandered around the exhibition, that took us to nearly 3PM, by that point I was getting hangry, I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so of course I needed feeding. We popped to Pret, I grabbed myself a salad, then we walked back to the RA and sat in the gardens at Burlington house to enjoy our lunch. We picked one of the best days to go to London as it was absolutely boiling, I’m one of the few people that adores this heatwave weather, just wanting to be out in it as much as possible!


We then took a walk back up to Victoria train station, past Queenies house – which I had a bit of a Megan Markle moment in front of, and I’d be lying if I said 10 years from now I hope to be marrying a prince too. All in all I had a lovely day in London both visiting the exhibition and celebrating my Mums big birthday. Over all too quickly and I can’t wait to get back to London some point soon! I’d love to have some blogger pals to go to London with, to explore all of the generic blogger places, take photos and sip tea, if this sounds like a plan, slide into my DMs x


All my love,

Han xx

Tips For Freshers

Somehow we’ve made it to that point in the year again where freshers week is just around the corner…how that came round I don’t know. But seeing as I moved out and embarked on my first fresehrs experience last year, I think it’s safe to say I learnt a thing or two throughout my first year; so here are a few tips if you’re counting down the days to fly the nest and begin your new chapter…


Pack Sentimental Items – I’m 19 and I still have the same stuffed rabbit that I have had since I was born, no shame in saying that of course came with me to uni, along with plenty of photos of my favourite memories (and doggo, ofc). For me I moved very far away from home, so packing sentimental things really helped me to settle in and remind me of home.

Be Friendly to Everyone – and I mean everyone. Of course you’re never going to get along with everyone in life, but pretty much everyone is all in the same boat. Moving out for the first time, not knowing people, its all-very daunting. Speak to as many people as you can, and make as many new pals as you can. When I first moved into my flat, one of the first things I did was go and introduce myself to the other flats on my floor, turned out we all got along fairly well and went on many nights out together. So don’t be afraid to go and knock on the other flats and meet your neighbors!

Never Have I Ever…It’s a deadly game, but a great way to break the ice before a night out – it’s one of the best ways to get to know your new friends, a great laugh (this game had me in fits of laughter multiple times) and is definitely an ice breaker, I now have plenty of people walking round Leicester that know far too much about me!

Make The Most of Your Freedom – Make the most of freshers week, it’s the 2 weeks of the year you wont have the looming prospect of deadlines, early lectures and the worry of an emotional breakdown through stress. Alongside this, just make the most of everyday at university, my first year went by so quickly and I wish I had made more of the experience.

Explore the City – (Or town) – Chances are, if you’re reading this your moving away to a new place for the first time, when you get the chance in freshers week go and explore it! Within the first week of me being in Leicester I has sought out the best hot chocolate place and also the best place for porn star martinis…I think that more or less sums me up!

My first year was absolute shambles – break downs, break-ups, tears, self doubt, dropping out, the whole lot, I’ll probably do a post all about my experience at some point. But the most important thing is to just make the most of it because I will put money on you regretting it if you don’t!

All my love,

Han xx


What To Do When Your Brain Is Being a Dick


I’m currently sat in my little room feeling more anxious than I have done in a long time. I’m desperately trying to not question it and let it pass over, but thats easier said than done. I’ve been doing exceptionally well recently, so why this has come over me I don’t know, but here were are and instead of shutting myself off, I’m doing something about it…

It’s not new news that I suffer with anxiety, and it fucking sucks sometimes, ALWAYS – but its one of those things I’m unfortunately always going to have the pleasure of dealing with, as are many other people. I’ve taught myself that its something I just need to accept, and when it comes on bad, like it has done tonight, to just distract myself, accept it, and not question why – this used to be my biggest downfall when it came to dealing with it is I would alway tell myself I wasn’t meant to feel like it, when who says I shouldn’t?

So with anxiety and many other mental health issues being part of my daily life, I thought I’d chat through how I distract myself when I’m having a bad day…

Blogging – We’ll start with the most obvious one for me, blogging, what I’m doing right now to distract myself from that little annoying voice in my head. Since I picked up blogging last year, its been a way for me to express myself in another form. Not only this, but I have met the most wonderful people through my little corner on the internet – which means that when I am feeling particularly bad, like I am tonight, I know that I have so many blogging girls that I can turn to for a good chat to take my mind off things.

Drawing – Put a pen in paper in front of me and I literally zone out completely, I’m in my happy place. I find that drawing particularly helps after I’ve had a panic attack, I’m not sure what it is that it so soothing, but it calms me down so much which is exactly what I need after I’ve worked myself up over something silly.

Running – A little saying that I resonate with massively is “Running saved me from myself”. Had I not picked up running when I did, I can honestly say that I don’t think I would be where I am today. It keeps me sane, takes my mind of things and also is an amazing stress outlet. Once I get into my zone, music on, I’m unstoppable when it comes to running – I have a lot to thank it for. Thanks Dad, for dragging me out training with you when you did x

Reading – One of the best ways to get out of your own head for a while is to get properly stuck into a good book. I’m a lover of crime books, so these are perfect when I need something to take my mind of things. I find it’s sort of like living a life that isn’t really your own for a while – which I like the thought of.

Seeing my friends – If I’m totally honest, going out and seeing people when I am anxious is literally the last thing I want to do, but I always feel better for doing it. Its a tough battle because I know my head doesn’t want me to go out, but I’m so stubborn and I just want to challenge it and prove to myself that I can do things I enjoy without my anxiety stopping me.

Getting myself ready – This might sound like an odd one. But if I wake up feeling anxious, I can’t even bring myself to get ready sometimes – but much like the pushing myself to go out with friends situation, if I force myself to get ready, do my hair, I know I’ll feel so much better for it, and it normally takes my anxiety down a notch too which is what I need to remind myself.

And there we have it, anxiety is a bitch, but it’s part of who I am. Learning to deal with it has been a struggle and a half, I’d be lying if I said at some points I wanted to give up, and some days I still do, but I know that I’m stronger than that. Lets face it, after suffering with my mental health since I was about 6, I’m pretty thick skinned and can get through a lot, stronger on the other side.

I’m intrigued to know how you all keep your mind busy when you get anxious, even if you don’t have anxiety, how do you keep yourself busy during tough times?

All my love,

Han xx